Wednesday, July 05, 2006

State of Confucian

I am having a very American eve of my departure...eating 4th of July leftovers (a hot dog and watermelon) while watching a rerun of the Sopranos (the season finale) on my comfortable couch. Tomorrow, who knows what I will be doing or eating (hopefully noodles), other than sitting on a United flight for about 16 hours trying to learn Mandarin.

Just wanted to give credit for my blog name. I mixed quite a few ideas; therefore, I will have to cut the Little Red Book into many sections and distribute it by mail. Thanks to my Grandma Willis of Fromberg, MT for calling my blog a "glob" and to my Aunt Lyda of Wolf Point, MT for suggesting its use. Thanks to Jaci and Crystal (both from Lake Stevens) for other slight elements, and to Dennis Hartman (Andhem Sintar) for "State of Confucian." (Dennis resides inside of a refrigerator in Seattle.)

OK, next posting..will it be from Shanghai? Deqing? Concubine headquarters? I can't wait to find out!


Jeff Keeley said...

Is it a sign that on the day you leave the forecast calls for six straight days of thunderstorms? Have fun Marjie.

Brian Bowker said...

Think of it like a massive, prolonged drumroll.

CecilieIsaksenEftedal said...

I am sure you will have a great flight! Besides, China is worth waiting for. (A 16 hr flight is a loooong flight, though). Do not forget the great shopping!

Anonymous said...

Don't ask me why, but...knowing you, I have this feeling that on the long flight over, it "just flew by"! You got to know 2 amazing people, 1 weirdly fascinating person you never want to see again, 1 person who knows someone from Sue's extraordinarly large party, and finally, a person who lives for Craig's List.
Am I close?