Friday, July 28, 2006

The abundant blind person massages the center

During our two hour lunch break we sometimes wander around town or we might take a rickshaw back to the hotel to take a nap. Today I just walked down a street I had not been down before. I saw a sign that read "The abundant blind person massages the center" so I looked inside and saw many massage tables. As I was peeping in the window, a woman saw me and ran to the door. Through gestures, she indicated that she wanted me to wait for just a moment and eventually came back leading a man by the arm. She pointed at his face and I saw the whites of his blind eyes. He was, of course, the abundant blind person. I didn't have time for the massage of the center, but I am very curious about getting a blind massage...I've gotten every other kind! We will see.


Brian Bowker said...

Wow! That's just like Zato Ichi, the blind masseuse in the movies.

Except Zato Ichi was Japanese. And a master swordsman. And he wondered from town to town finding adventures and committing amazing acts of heroism.

But other then that it's a dead match! You should try to see if the blind masseuse has any swords disguised as walking sticks in his shop!

Anonymous said...

Only you would have this great opportunity...I am now back from CA and so pumped to read what I have missed on your trip that I am catching up @ 1:19 am Sunday. So glad to see you and the Glob! Love Jaci

Preston said...

Confucious might have said:

"A blind man's eyes have dimmed,
but his fingers can carry on a pretty good conversation..."

Similarly, a question must be asked:

"Do Chickeny" have lips?"