Sunday, July 16, 2006

"Monkfish Cooked in Crazy Water"

The picture I took right before almost ending up in Chinese prison
Another fun game to play in China to read the English sayings on t-shirts and again, using my time at the train station with a billion Chinese, I wrote some of them down for you. Note that most of them seem rather positive and happy, and as you read them picture them decorated with lots of sequins:

You supply the mirion waves what is love it remain the same eternal
It's a dragon let's wave
What is life? The air it's sunshine
Tonight more
Bummer me up
Lovely Dream Trip Vacation
Margaritha's with Buena Vista from la Rambla to Rio Grande
Love Dog
Nice move say when
Poetical romance peaceful
treat yourself to an extra special wish
happy holiday

This was worn by a man: sweet summer pretty smile amusing

This one got it right: The essence of pleasure is spontaneity

On last night's menu, there was a listing for "monkfish cooked in crazy water" and a sign outside with a drunken stick figure reading "drunken walking caution triping"

While in the book store, I was looking for a notebook and found a journal claiming (in gold engraved letters) "This will be the most comfortable book you will ever write in." I almost bought it but realized it did not look comfortable at all!

I am tired and really really don't feel I have the energy to teach lots of kids tomorrow, but at least I have flash cards and (hopefully) the same students all week.

You know what has really bothered me is that audience's reaction to Chairman Mao last night. Who can enlighten me about that? I look at some of the older people here and just can't fathom what they have lived through.

By the way, today Karis and I had our first scary experience (besides crossing the street, riding in taxis and being thrown in front of millions of different students last week). We were at the grocery store and I was taking pictures of the hearts, chicken feet, intestines and livers in the meat case and was just moving on to take pictures of the pretty buns when a guard approached and barked at me. I motioned that I meant no harm and he pointed at my camera, like he wanted it. I opened my bag and put it in and said I was sorry. He got out a walkie talkie radio and began to walk away, pointing at us to other guards. They were all having a powwow so Karis and I just walked over to the line and waited (for about half an hour - no express here). We thought for sure we were going to be escorted from the store and put in Chinese prison, but we escaped! I wonder if he would have taken my camera? I now have a slight understanding of what Middle Easterners must feel like with our reaction to them at times...

I'm glad to be back in our little polyester suburb, mostly because of my air-conditioned hotel room where I will now go to figure out my flash cards and lesson for tomorrow. Hope you are all well and again, I have to say, enjoying the mild Seattle weather, if you are in Seattle and it is mild!


Brian Bowker said...

Hi Marjie!

You've posted several times since I've been able to read last and it's strange - I was JUST listening to The Carpenter's Sha-la-la for a project I'm doing. Like 3 minutes before I read you're post about wanting to have that song at your funeral...

Now I'm kinda creeped out!

On top of that I'm also concerned about this potato chip flavor censorship conspiracy going on over here in the US! How did the Chinese potato chip flavor technology get so far ahead of ours?!

I wish I had a shirt that said "Bummer Me Up" and some Ketchup Pork potato chips to calm myself down. Guess I'll have to settle for T-shirt that says "42" and some plain Pringles.

[By far my favorite two posts to date! Please keep writing - you are great!]

Anonymous said...

You Bowkers are so cosmically connected! I am happy to report to both Brian and Marj I have finally figured out how to post by clicking "anonymous" since I am so developmentally disabled and suffering from Alzheimer's at 38.75 years and COULDN'T REMEMBER MY FRIGGIN PASSWORD MARJ SO WONDERFULLY SET ME UP FOR SUCCESS WITH BEFORE SHE LEFT! ALAS...I AM HERE WITH YOU AS THE ANONYMOUS JACI! I AM BUYING A LOTTO TICKET TODAY IN HONOR OF THIS GRAND EXPERIENCE OF BEING ABLE TO GLOB WITH MARJ AND AND ALL OF HER FANS! LOVED THE REPORT ON THE T-SHIRTS AND THE CHIP FLAVORS-YOU KNOW WHAT A SUCKER I AM FOR FLAVORED CHIPS! SO GLAD YOU STILL HAVE YOUR CAMERA AND AREN'T IN CHINESE JAIL...YOU have truly been initiated as a western interloper now-figures you were in a place where there was food! Love it! I, like Brian, your family and all of your fans love reading every letter you write...but the description of the am you spent with the dragonfly ladies and the "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH" man is my fav so far. Flashed me back to my fav part of Hong Kong-the am warm-up to the day! xxxxxinfinity-stay safe and keep up the great adventures. Keep getting massaged and you still feel crummy ask Annie or one of your TA's about some Chinese remedies. THey rock! love you so -Jaci