Wednesday, July 26, 2006

They will have an interesting time in America someday...

Every day I have my students copy down sentences and then recite them out loud, using all of the words we have learned so far. Just today I started to change up the boring sentences and the kids loved it:

Whose pink elephants are under the sink in the kitchen? Oh, they are Josh's pink elephants!
John really likes to eat purple tigers while he is flying long kites on the island in the sea.
Lily loves to make chocolate cake with the pigs who come to her house in the evening.

Now that is just good fun!

I hadn't played Simon Says with my fourth or fifth grades and was desperate for something to start my class with and oh my did they love it. I was hopping and sticking out my tongue and turning all at the same time, so Sunny asked if she could take some pictures in the next class so I am going to try to post them. (Thanks, Brian!)


Anonymous said...

So, like, it's either "rub your tummy and pat your head" or "soggy rice not taste nice"... great pic Marjie

Jeff said...

We are soooo doing Simon Says in our class next semester...

Megan said...

You should of put that on tape!

Do you have a favorite restaurant or any favorite food?

(eat some fried rice for me!)