Sunday, July 16, 2006

Save yourself a trip to France

Back from the family vacation and I    NEED    SPACE!  The train station was packed with thousands of people.  We waited in line after line and thought we purchased standing tickets for the train but were pleasantly surprised to get seats. In Hangzhou, in addition to the pagodas, the thousand year old ruins and islands, we were overjoyed to find a bookstore with some English books...we bought flash cards and teaching materials since our school does not seem to have anything (but who knows, maybe tomorrow we will have the world!) Another nice thing - it has been cooler the past few days and rained lightly all day today, so we didn't feel completely dead - only slightly! The only day of hard rain we have had was on the very first day in Shanghai.
While we waited at the train station today, we were fascinated by all of the flavors of the Lay potato fascinated that I wrote them all down for you:
Mexican chicken tomato, cherry tomato, cucumber, lemon, texas grilled BBQ, Haikado grilled crab, sha sha chicken, French chicken, crispy drumstick, Italian red meat, Ziran steak, Crispy roasted pork, beef stew, Japanese Teriyaki, and Ketchup pork flavor.  We found two other Cheeto flavors (I hope the Cheeto eating vegetarian from Seattle has discovered them!): Japanese Steak flavored and American turkey.  We all bought a package and had an international smorgasborg; and I will tell you the truth...the turkey TASTED like turkey!  And the Japanese steak TASTED like Japanese Steak.  The cucumber, lemon, crispy saves you from traveling the world to taste things. I myself have never eaten French chicken and can't wait to see what all the fuss it. Frito Lay is holding out on America with our measley four flavors. 

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