Wednesday, June 28, 2006

All people are being led to China

Every day I run into someone who has either been to China or who is going there tomorrow... I overheard a couple from Boot Camp talking about teaching there, my condo tenant's niece taught there last summer, my neighbor- a landscape architect -visited the gardens outside of Shanghai recently, the guy on the sailboat last night grew up in southern China and is going back next year, my Norwegian fairygodmother is going to be there the same dates I am...I'm telling you, everyone!!! has China on the itinerary. If you haven't already purchased your ticket, I hope there are still some left when you decide to go!

All of these people offer China advice, like: burp after meals, greet elders first, don't point, buy Performance Underwear at REI, learn Mandarin, don't give watches as presents, and don't eat the "noodles" that are actually worms. What piece of advice is crucial to my trip's success? Please tell me now, if you have been holding important information from me. (Use the "comments" link below this post to leave me your advice.)

And, FYI, two things:

1.) My destination city is Deqing. Should I be worried that it isn't listed in Lonely Planet China? A few people think that ACT is actually a cover for a concubine service. Does anyone know?

2.) I have not decided on a travel blog name, and I know you are all getting impatient for the unveiling. I will reveal it before my departure date (the 6th). But thanks for participating (well, most of you)!


Meghan Hounshell said...

What's "china" ?

Anita said...

I checked on Google Earth (yikes, you're going a long way away) and Diqing is just east of Wukang. See? Nothing to worry about!

But now there are all sorts of possibilities for the title "De Queen visits Diqing"? "Deqing Gets the Royal Treatment"? Let me work on it....

Thanks for showing my desk on your blog! Isn't craigslist the best?!?

Enjoy, Marjie! I can't wait to experience this trip with you!


john patrick said...

Hi, Ann Marie told me to visit your blog. I'm studying Mandarin now, and I'm pretty envious of your opportunity!

I have a lot of advice, but here's a quick secret I swear by: anti-fungal foot cream. You'll probably be walking more than you're used to, but even if you don't actually have a foot fungus, you're feet will love the extra attention.

Brian Bowker said...

I talked with some missionaries from China and asked them what their advice was and they said that while it's perfectly acceptable to pick your nose or ears in public, it is not acceptable to use a toothpick with out covering your mouth while you're picking.

Apparently poking yourself with your own fingers, which you use for eating, flushing the toilet and shaking hands, is natural. Using a sterile implement to do it... yeah, nobody needs to see that.

CecilieIsaksenEftedal said...

Oh, and be prepared for the natives to touch your blond hair. That is, if it is still blond...