Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I'm staying here

I have been in China for six days and I have gotten three massages. I read about them before I came...hour and a half massages for about five dollars. Last night, Kim and I were treated to a shampoo, head massage, Q-tip treatment, arm/hand/back/leg massage (but no feet!) The salons here are ubiquitous...all filled with twenty something girls dressed in frilly cute clothes with perfect hair and nails just hanging out with a few guys sprinkled here and there; I have heard that they go to training schools for this profession. Last night the girls had never seen foreign women in their shop, so they giggled and wanted pictures, etc. Mine was doing a good job, and then I sensed one hand doing the same motion on my arm...I opened my eyes from the coma I was in to see that she was text messaging with one hand and massaging with the other! After the massage, there are men who blow dry and style your hair. I repeat, all of this for five dollars!

Two others in my group found a place for a "foot massage" which was everything but the shampoo. We are all trying to try one new place per day!
Seems like everyone has a job here; I have seen only a few beggars and every hotel or restaurant has tons of people just waiting to serve.

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