Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Where the noodles are

Noodle last! (please forgive this entry and the last...three keys don't work well (b, y and u and I keep having to retype them!)
Miguel's assistant told him about a famous noodle place about five minutes from our hotel so we all went the other night. It was amazing...he stretched, pulled and shaved the noodles right in front of us, in fact he allowed me to take a video of it. They were AMAZING. The food here is just unbelievable; lining the streets are vendors with bamboo steamers containing buns and dumplings, then there are tons of long grills where they offer kabobs or stir fry all kinds of creatures and things in huge woks. Then they all sit under cover at plastic tables and eat from large shared bowls. Across the street from the school is a woman who makes crepes filled with eggs, hot dogs and fried bread. I am in heaven. Another thing about Deqing...we were required to eat at the school cafeteria for EVERY meal!! And the food sucked! Here they give us money to go where we want. I think that was the thing that completely sent me over in Deqing; in fact I am sure of it.
By the way, I am trying to save Annie. I think there is a good chance that she will be transferred here this weekend. If so, I will feel that I have emerged from the projects and then saved someone else from them!

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