Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Hot Dog Greatness Question

Nice arrangement today at Strawberry Fields.


Started my day with a run along Riverside Park - just one block from campus. It's a beautiful park - must be miles long - with, again, tennis courts, playgrounds, soccer fields and skate parks. It's been hot the past few days, but NOT China-hot. I think that China-hot made me very tough last summer. The difference is that New York-hot doesn't make me pour sweat from my forehead, but it's just hot enough to justify lots of gelato while you walk. New York-hot doesn't suck your breath right out of your lungs, either.

Back to Central Park for a free concert at the Summer Stage tonight. Free music, films, readings and dances are scheduled at this field all throughout the summer. Four of us went and saw a few Latin groups and a documentary about Mexico and globalization. It's just fun to be in Central Park, no matter what. We actually had a great time compiling all of our guide books and maps and made wish lists of what we wanted to do in NY while we waited for the music to start.

Afterwards, we found Gray's Papaya hot dogs. In the picture is John from Albany, Trisha from Baltimore and taking the picture is Melissa from DC. These are infamous dogs...and while they were good, I just wonder, can a hot dog be truly great? OK, here is where some comments can be made from the comment-shy readers. I repeat: can a hot dog be truly great? If so, where was that hot dog and what made it great? Then we got gelato...I had nutella and roasted almond. I think we walked about seven miles tonight. Tomorrow is Metropolitan Museum Day.


Anonymous said...

Okay. I think you will find this lame, but ..... being at a Mariner game when the sky is blue, the air warm, and the anticipation of a great win looming, a Mariner dog DOES taste great. And this is from someone who rarely eats hot dogs and most of the time doesn't even like them! Mom

Dad said...

If you change hot dog to Polish sausage, then I would say they can be truly great! I'm pleased that you have free time to enjoy NY.

Angie said...

Great hot dogs: Calvin and Tom both said Costco. Big, with a drink, and only a $1.50.

Bonni and Jimmy both said the vendor outside of the Showbox in Pioneer Square sells cream cheese hot dogs that are great with carmelized onoins and a beer.

My greatest hot dog was a kosher dog, roasted over the camp fire in my own back yard, with some sauerkraut and mustard. Of course, any dog roasted over a camp fire is best!

Wish I was there with you. I love New York and I love hearing all about it from you.

The Norris Clan said...

Great hot dog after a fun night of dancing in Broadripple in Indianapolis... Not so great hot dog the morning after a fun night of dancing in Broadripple in Indianapolis! Broadripple, btw, is David Letterman's old college stomping grounds, as is mine... aaahhh, see the NYC connection??
Cheers to you while having fun in the sun...Karyn

Brian Bowker said...

I've heard more than twice that the greatest food experience in the world is a cold hotdog chased by flat beer while watching a baseball game on a sunny day in an open air stadium.

Thus proving that watching sports is bad for your brain.

I won't say that a Costco Polish sausage with a little sauerkraut is ~great~, but it is pretty good... There's something about it being only a $1.50 that makes you forget that you're eating it inside a warehouse store.

Karrie said...

I normally don't like hot dogs at all. However last summer, when I was about 8 months pregnant, I couldn't get enough of the Costco hot dog combo with a large lemonade or root beer. I'm not sure I know who Calvin and Tom are but I'm with them. You can't beat it for only $1.50

Marjie Bowker said...

So, my hypothesis was that hot dog greatness is dependent upon time and place, and sometimes alcohol, even warm. Thanks for the input!