Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Shopping is My Cardio"

(These two plaques are two of about 25 leading up to the New York Central Library on 5th Avenue. Every quote is about words, reading, etc. On the left is Langston Hughes...on the right is Ernest Hemingway)

Before I rewind to yesterday in order to get to today, I just must say "I LOVE NEW YORK!" I'm going to buy one of those cheesy shirts with the heart on it (or five for ten, like they sell them on the street). I just returned from seeing Rent and am on a New York high..."Five hundred sixty-five thousand two hundred minutes..." are you all singing along (and did I get that number right)? Chills is what that rock opera gave me. I am hooked. I feel like I have never really seen a musical until tonight. I loved it. And sitting next to us (just me and Bec, a cute, very young teacher from North Carolina) was a 14 year old musical enthusiast from San Francisco, who gave us a list of "must sees." #1 is (oh my god) Spring Awakening (you just HAVE TO SEE IT) (plus about ten others). But his advice concurs with my #1 blog fan's suggestion (thank you, Karyn!) So I will see that next.

Even though I saw Rent, shopped downtown for two hours, heard lectures for three hours and ate another amazing meal, somehow today didn't feel as busy as the others. I guess running from awning to awning last night was more exhausting than I realized.

OK, back to the rain. I left you when the other Seattleite and I were analyzing rain near 84th and Lexington. It was so dark- Gotham City dark -when the rain started to water-fall. After awning-hopping for a few minutes (we were on our way to an Irish bar to begin celebrations for Bec's 24th birthday- there she is in the picture) when we rushed into a pizza place, Mimi's, with a number of refugees. And there was another moment- pizza communion with strangers- trapped in deliciousness, eating a piece of plain cheese while peering out foggy windows.

Like I said, the Philharmonic idea literally washed away, we decided to go on an adventure for Bec's birthday, just four of us. We started at the Irish pub, then found our way to Central Station. Central station is cool. The ceiling is absolutely beautiful but I couldn't capture it very well. I guess it was going to be destroyed but Jackie O. saved it. There's a food court downstairs, an oyster bar, swanky bars, and a strip that is not unlike the Pike Place Market...rows and rows of fresh fish, meats, cheeses, bread, fruit and vegetables. I guess commuters pick up food to take it home. We each had a lobster puff and some barbecued shrimp, then moved on to Greenwich Village, where we decided to take Bec for dinner. Melissa from DC found Employees Only in her Time Out New York Guide. Employees Only is a very hip restaurant in the village, especially because they have a tarot card reader sitting in the front window. We were seated in the back room-which was a converted alley way covered with a glass/plastic roof with vines-and listened to the rain running. We loved the feel of this place, and the best thing I tasted was the Steak Tar Tar, which is quality raw beef, hand-cut and mixed with six ingredients, the best of which was white truffle oil. You could put truffle oil on a rubber band and it would be good (just like our mole conversation, Julie). Was it ever tasty. I couldn't get a very good picture in the dark back room, but the guy who prepared it was actually more interesting, so here he is:

Then we went to a bar in the village, Black Tiger, and got home around midnight. And I hadn't even been back to my room (the only thing I hate about New mattress is plastic and oh yeah, I had to wait in line for fifteen minutes to take a shower this morning) since eight that morning. We had a GREAT speaker in the morning, from Brooklyn College, who manipulated quite a few centuries into a three hour lecture. He was only about 30 and was so passionate about both history and China.

So, today.

I told you about Rent. Oh, and the shopping. I'm trying to get my sister in law to respond, so I will talk about Bitten, the new Sarah Jessica Parker line of clothing. So Catcher in the Rye is the book I think about all the time here, and "Sex and the City" is the TV show. I was actually thinking of Carrie Bradshaw today as I walked around one episode, she is trying to brainstorm how to save money (because Aiden evicted her, remember) and one of her friends suggests that she curb her shopping appetite. "But shopping is my cardio," she answers.

Anyway, SJP's new clothing line has NOTHING over $20. No shoes, dresses, jeans, nothing. A bunch of girls went yesterday and bought cute things, so I went today. I have to include this picture because right before I took it, a security guard told me not to, so I must share the forbidden picture. I bought a few things...pants, a shirt, flip flops and a bag and it was all under $40.

Then, since I was near Curry Hill, I couldn't resist (I was meeting Bec at the theater). I had Baigan Hyderabadi, which is Indian eggplant in a tomato/ peanut curry sauce. It was amazing (I love those little eggplants!) Sorry the picture isn't better, but it's hard to be inconspicuous...I am pretty self-conscious about my food obsession. But at least I didn't lick the plate when my naan was gone. I sure wanted to, though. The restaurant is called The Copper Chimney.

Well, that is all for now. I have to be up at 5:30 because we are going to Salem for a field trip, for Friday and Saturday. I can't wait! We are there to see an ancient Chinese home at the Peabody Essex Museum, but how about some crab cakes and some Witch Trial viewings? I really appreciate all of you who comment on my little blog. It's kind of a weird thing, blogging, but I really enjoy it. By the way, a guy in my program announced to me yesterday "Hey, I found your blog!" and of course it brought back all kinds of "Leif Erickson Comes to Norway" trauma. Well, now I know I can't write anything bad about anyone in my group (and I was just going to write some nasty things about you, Gordon~)

Good night~


Dad said...

It's fun to sense your enthusiasm for NY, Marjie. Each post has made me hungry for the taste treats. Enjoy Salem!

Brian Bowker said...

Your top few pictures of the plaques leading up to the library reminded me of these sweet librarian themed tattoos I saw...

Have you found/had/made any good bao yet?

The Norris Clan said...

Ok... close - Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes. Very close... :-) SO glad you enjoyed it - very hard NOT to (unless you're my husband who hates musicals with a passion). And I'm SO jealous your next adventure is Spring Awakening (thx for the kudos). You MUST tell all about it afterwards...

Now, onto the SJP line - WHERE, oh where can we get those little goodies?! I am going thru withdrawls since 4th and Towne closed. Please tell me they are on the West coast too!

Can't wait to hear about Salem. Always wanted to go there. Hopefully their mattresses are soft and have more than one shower! Cheers!


Miriam said...

Your blog is fabulous and I've never really wanted to go to New York until reading your enthusiastic descriptions. So glad you are having a great time and doing so many things you truly enjoy. So ... why isn't Wicked on your musical list? It was fantastic in Seattle and after seeing it I wanted to go right back again.

gb191 said...

You better not say anything bad about
Salem was great, cant wait to see what you thought...

Marjie Bowker said...

Dad, I wish you were here to eat with me!

Brian, I have not searched out the bao yet, but I think I am past my Indian phase for a bit so will do that. You mean hum bao, right?

Karyn, Thanks for the didn't sound quite right. The SJP line, I think, is only in NY for now. I will investigate more. Sorry!

Miriam! Well, hello there! So nice to know you are on board. And Wicked is now on my ever-growing list.

Hey Gordon! How about that bus ride today. Phew!

Dad said...

I wish I were there to eat with you, also! I read the plaques this morning; great thoughts.

Kristi Bowker said...

Hi Marjie! Sorry for the slow response, it is summer and very difficult to force myself to be inside but I don't want to be a neglectful SIL (sisiter-in-law) either! So, apparently there is a Steve & Barry store at the Everett Mall that carries Bitten . . . I'm very interested! How do they keep the prices so low I wonder? Is it OK to love clothes made by 3rd world children? Hmmmmmmm, I'll have to check them out in-person first I think. Keep up the great eating and writing!