Friday, July 20, 2007

Buckets of Fire

Would you be taking note- would you be, say, at all concerned-if your condo burned down, and then your school burned down?

Scriber Lake High School burned last night...they were going to demolish it anyway, so everything was out of it, but still. I told some NEH people about the fires in my life and one guy says, "I'm moving out of I-House." Which is ironic, because...again, I am not making this up...when we returned tonight at midnight, we heard a fire alarm, and suddenly four fire engines were pulling up to I-House. It was only a cooking fire, but still. So, would you be concerned?

And would you be concerned, say, if you ate humbao for your brother, and he just stopped blogging altogether? Just wondering.

By the way, the red in the Imagine sign at Strawberry Fields today...strawberries.

A very full day today, and yesterday...but I'm only talking about today. We went out to Staten Island to see the Chinese Scholar's Garden. So we're going to play a game here. Guess which pictures are from Suzhou, China, and which ones are from Staten Island, NY:

Ater touring these gardens, which gave me deja vu thinking of last summer, we were treated to a special bamboo flute concert by this very gentle man, right in the garden. He played about five different flutes and the sounds coming out of them were so beautiful.

We took the Staten Island Ferry back to Manhattan and got a pretty close look at the Statue of can you NOT get chills when you look at that and think of all the hope tied up in it? We got some dinner (not even worth mentioning, can you believe it) and then walked to Central Park where Neko Case was on the (free) summer stage. Neko is from Seattle and I describe her as part Patsy Cline, part Alannis Morrisette. It was fun to hear her here..last time I saw her, at the Woodland Park Zoo, literally, buckets of rain fell after she covered Bob Dylan's song "Buckets of Rain." She even said tonight that natural disasters usually follow that song.

We decided to head home through the park, down "the mall" and went underneath an overpass where we discovered a bunch of people dancing in a circle. Evidently, every Friday night from about 9 on, a man teaches Armenian folk dancing underneath this overpass. We decided to join in and learned three dances-- holding pinkies, not hands. "Pinkies, everyone!" he kept saying. It was fun, and added something new to the statement "I went out dancing Friday night."

Then we walked ALL the way home, which we figured was about three miles. And you know how food tastes SOOOO much better at midnight, well, this falafel was heavenly:

Jerusalem falafel is a famous institution in Morningside Heights (where Columbia is). I don't know what they do to their chickpeas, but they are so good, and they use all fresh vegetables. Then we finally came home to the fire alarm. Jon, the one who made the comment about moving out of I-House, just shot me a dirty look. I had to apologize. I don't know why fire drama follows me! Anyway, Melissa and I got our pictures taken with NY Firefighters, which is a good end to any night, I think.


The Norris Clan said...

Oh, oh... a game! Ok:
Pic 1: NYC
Pic 2: China
Pic 3: NYC
Pic 4: China man, right!
Pic 5: hard one... NYC? :-)

I will say after the many delish meals you've had while there, ONE bad on is not too bad...

And, um, yeah. My neighbor's house burned last week... we you sneaking around here too?! Could it be that your presence is so strong it emulates THROUGH the internet? Hhhmmmmmm...

The Norris Clan said...

Oh, and in your little bro's defense... they are out of town for a few days. There may be no computer access, but there is still ALL LOVE, I am sure! That's was little brothers are good for, right? You got your wish...

Marjie Bowker said...

Oops, Karyn, I only posted three pictures of the gardens, but I meant to post more...the uploading went to slowly.

Only the lower garden photo is from China. They were so similar. Maybe I can post more later. Thanks for playing, though!

I would not be surprised if my bad fire karma traveled through this computer to your neighbors' house. How awful. Did it burn DOWN? My buildings are usually empty. I'm so sorry.

Marjie Bowker said...

I just spent a half an hour trying to edit my "to" to "too." Couldn't figure it out. I meant "too slowly." There.

The Norris Clan said...

Well... didn't burn down, so that is good. Just a lot of smoke damage. Their poor 15-yo dog died, though. Sad. Another weird six degrees of Marjie though is the owner of the house works for the city, and Kristi knows him. Hmmmm....

Oh, and the "too" thing... shame! And from an English teacher to. I mean too.

Jessica said...

I'm sorry Marjie, but I don't think I'll be able to ever have you over again. Too risky.