Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh. My. Pizza.

Get on the #2 train. Get off on Fulton Street. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. Stand in line outside of Grimaldi's Pizza (like you are waiting to get into a swanky club), where Tony Soprano's uncle (Junior's brother, no glasses) will expedite your seating. When you get in, watch the pizza makers at the 800 degree coal oven, sit at the red and white checkerboard table, order warm red table wine and a large pepperoni and red pepper pizza. Die over how good it is, the sauce and the fresh mozzarella (and agree with the rest of New York that this is IT). Walk back across the bridge and see New York all lit up at night (preferably, do this at around ten, when it is a cool 75 degrees and the wind is blowing a bit.)

This is my suggestion for a perfect night in New York (props to Gordon for suggesting it, and I am ready to go again!). Maybe I will have time to tell you about our fengshui expert tomorrow. Oh, and, Karrie, the table topic for tonight was "times you thought you would die when you were overseas." The mule story, of course. (No, I didn't take credit for riding the blind one!) But for now, with this picture of the perfect pizza, I will say good night~


Dad said...

Now you are making Mom hungry. She woke up in the night with hunger pains thinking about your pizza!

Karrie said...

Oh, I'm so happy to hear that I got credit for riding the blind mule. You get credit for re-telling the story in such vivid detail. My memory of it is clouded by the fact that I ALMOST DIED!! :)
I can't believe you are having all of this fun in NY without me. I guess there is no need for a Spanish slave in NY.

Marjie Bowker said...

Rita is having trouble posting, too, so here is her comment:

I've read all your entries and I am so darn happy for you. Feel overwhelmed with such rich experiences...from sappy witch stories to great quotes about stories on the NY Library wall to your soulful touch with words to the funny things you say and then...there's whimsical moments that either turn to FOOD or to cool people. I wish I were there.
I want to set up a new Goggle account to post a comment, but it only tells me that I MUSt remember the ole password, which I've tried various ideas.
Loved your pizza story, the jumping out of bed, after peeling from the heated plastic, to the bathroom, and the cool, late table, and your new friends. How happy Jaci must have been to know YOU were there at her "other home" in N.Y....dumplings cop is my favorite story so far.
Don't know why.
Love it all.

Marjie Bowker said...

Mom and Dad-
So, you went to Romio's. I'm sure it was just as good - but it was kind of cool being seated by Tony Soprano's uncle.

Karrie - I can always find use for a Spanish slave. Come on over and I will put you up on the floor of my dorm will bring back old times, like in Taxco over the bar.

Rita - Wish you were here, too!

Brian and Karyn - what's up? Where are my #1 and #2 blog fans? Oh. Yes, I've offended my brother by not having humbao. How have I offended you, Karyn? I promise I will see Spring Awakening soon!

The Norris Clan said...

Oh, my dear, no offense. Quite the contrary... I was eating my HORRIBLE Chuck E. Cheese pizza tonight and wishing it was the deliciousness you described! The only thing that saved me was the thought the I will be having delish Chicago deepdish in ONE MONTH!! OH, yeah!

I just want to go on an eating expedition with you!

The Norris Clan said...

Oh, and if you miss SA, you WILL be sorry!

For BOTH of our sakes, GO SEE IT!! Please put me out of my misery.

DJ Griggs said...

That looked like the king of all classsic pizzas. Yum.