Saturday, July 07, 2007

Naps = Happiness

Got up at 6. That's 3 to you (and me). Just got back (it's 10:30). My feet are propped up, and aching.

I always overdo it on my first day in a place. But if someone were to ask me to describe ten perfect days, one of them would be to wake up in New York City with no agenda and just let the city happen to me. I did this one day three summers ago when my sister and I brought my mom here for her retirement present, and I got to do it again today (maybe tomorrow, too). New York is a city so full of nice surprises, that I am intentionally keeping a low profile so I can do this before all of the China Dynasty craziness begins on Monday. I bought a 30-day Metro pass for $76, so everything is right near me. I love the subway.

Since I can hardly keep my eyes open, I will merely describe some great moments from my day:

1. Seeing In the off-Broadway show about a Latino neighborhood in New York. It's moving to Broadway, and the energy was amazing. Hip-hop, rap, ballet -- this musical had it all. Here is the NY Times review:

I went to the half-price ticket booth in Times Square and was absolutely overwhelmed with the choices. My list for now includes Rent, Mama Mia, Spring Awakening, Spamalot and Phantom of the Opera. We'll see how many get marked off this list. Anyway, I almost missed the 2 o'clock show. I thought I knew where it was, but when I arrived at that location, I asked the hot dog man where the theater was. "It's seven blocks that way, and little lady, you'd better run!" (because it was ten to two, but that was funny because I was so much taller than he was, but for sure not wider). So I ran, and arrived right at two, sweating horribly.

2. Taking a nap in Central Park. Central Park is one of my favorite places in the world. Here you are, walking down magical city streets with magical food everywhere (just blocks from Columbia are delis with homemade falafel and lentil stews and paninis and sushi and Indian curries) and then you cross a threshold and there you are in magical Central Park. The juxtaposition of city and greenery is just so unreal, you feel you are in a (very vast) fantasy land. And there was this cute little farmer's market where I entered the park. I napped for twenty minutes prior to my show, very near to that park bench up there.

3. This piece of pizza, from Bleecker Street Pizza. If you ask my mom what her favorite food memory of New York is, she will tell you about the pizza from this place. So, here you go, mom, a bite for you. It was great!

Here are some more random scenes from today: the "Naked Cowboy" in Times Square. He was singing "Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys" but could hardly get through a line without dopey girls wanting to pose with him. I doubt he knew all the lyrics to the song, anyway.

NY is such a civilized place...very kid friendly, too. So many parks, playgrounds, skate parks, bike paths, etc. Kids loved this fountain, on the Hudson River path:

I also love all of the gardens along the city sidewalks:

Now it is most definitely bedtime. Good night!


Dad said...

What a neat day, Marj. Thanks for your descriptions and pictures.

Mom said...

Oh that pizza! My mouth is watering. Mom

The Norris Clan said...

It SOUNDS magical.... I am with you - I love NYC. NO place like it. I hope you get the energy to go out again tomorrow. Here's to spontaneity!

Love the Strawberry Fields pic, too. I have a pic of that in my living room... oh, I want to be there! Enjoy.

Barb Kathol said...

Sounds like a fabulous day!
Your descriptions make me smile, as I can truly see and feel what you are experiencing. (you are such a great writer!)
Central Park sounds great! I hope you pick Rent as one of the muscials to see - it is my favorites!