Saturday, October 31, 2009

Successful Losers

My homeroom did not win the Halloween contest this year. All that really matters, though, is that the rubber snake they rigged above the door did in fact drop onto the judges' heads when they entered.
For the rest of the period, I heard, "Did you see that? That was so funny!"
Definition of "success."
Like I said, that's all that matters. I am able to put my ego aside, I think. (Brian, I am working on making the black streamers that say "losers!" now.)
The class that won - which includes many members of my great 6C class from last year (remember Alex and the "I hear that people from Seattle..." entries?)- created a "Horror Hospital." They all wore white coats and had bloody babies being operated on one table and Lucky being operated on at another (with a knife). It was pretty cool.
And another cool thing is that I bought this blonde wig at the Ben Thanh Market and I love it; I am going to buy two more before leaving Saigon (the women running the stand really liked the dark brown bob, but when I told them it was for Halloween, they insisted on this one). It cost $12, and my black leather cowboy hat cost $3. (I was much happier about it than the picture suggests.)
The kids thought it was fantastic. They kept asking me if it was my real hair and I wasn't quite sure how to answer them. They are so...funny.
On to another topic, aren't these the most beautiful shrimp you have ever seen? Thuy and Thanh are coming over to cook these guys tonight, and Thuy has informed me that I must eat their heads. I told her I didn't think I could eat their heads and she just laughed a laugh that said, "You are going to eat their heads."
I have not really enjoyed my day since that laugh. I will let you know how the shrimp head eating goes.


Cecilie said...

You look SOOOO cool! :0)

Angie said...

I could NOT eat a shrimp head. Please don't give T and T any ideas when we are there. I would hate to be rude!

Mungorst said...

I scrolled past that photo three or four times and never realized it was you until I read the blog entry! Well done!

Brian Bowker said...

Is that your real hair?