Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Made it to the Gym This Time...

Remember this "Nam left" picture of the street outside the school from my post of a few weeks ago?
Well the picture below is what the same street looked like today after just one half hour of rain.
The current is strong enough for some white water rafting; I was hoping one would come by to whisk me away. From a construction-and-very-poor-water-drainage perspective, I think the school is saving a lot of money on the location of this middle school...
One positive is that my socks did not dry on the line last night, and they didn't dry at school today, either. So when I changed into my gym clothes at school, I thought great, I have to exercise in
wet socks today
. The positive is that my shoes and socks got completely wet during my ride to the gym, so they would have been wet, anyway.
p.s. Hello Dyllyn!


Cecilie said...

Unbelievable! This is such a different scenario from the heat I experienced!

Held a little presentation on Vietnam last week, and my three Vietnamese girls got stars in their eyes. Of course I told them what a wonderful homeland they have!

marjie said...

Wow, Cecilie, I bet they had stars in their eyes! I can just imagine how they felt having someone talk about their home like that. Not many Norwegians make it to Vietnam!

Mungott said...

Looks like the streets of Southern Cal when I lived in Rancho Cucamonga... When it rained for more than 15 min, the streets would flood!