Sunday, March 29, 2009

What Pam Ate, Part 2

On Friday, Tarn asks me, "Who do we have cooking for us this weekend?"

I tell him that Thuy and Thanh planned to cook with us on Saturday. "So is it clear for Song Han and Ms. Nga to cook for us on Sunday?"

Do you have these kinds of conversations?

Ms. Nga teaches Vietnamese to both students and staff at AIS, and you have met our Mandarin teacher, Song Han- she is the one who was so excited for the Christmas party. They arrive at the castle at 10:00 am Sunday morning, before Pam and I have even finished our market morning eating session. We're a little nervous that we won't be able to eat very much, but we shouldn't have worried...these two cook for two and a half hours before lunch is served (allowing us much needed Bum Bum time).
What we eat: sweet potato, carrot and shrimp spring rolls, fish cakes, a shrimp salad that seems to be shredded papaya but isn't papaya but rather some kind of bamboo shoot, pineapple sweet and sour soup, morning glory, and two other dishes that they leave for Tarn to cook for dinner because they realize they have too much food (it will never happen).
We eat and eat and eat and later claim that they must have put some kind of drug in the food because afterward we nap for almost three hours. Have I mentioned that it's HOT? It's hot.
It's hot and we are eating a lot. And having people cook for us. And sleeping. And Bum Bumming.
Tomorrow Pam will have her Mom Nam Adventure, which we are all looking forward to. Nam has been practicing her name all week. "Pam, Pam, Pam," he will say, then he laughs.
Stay tuned.


Unknown said...

It all makes my mouth water -- especially the pineapple sweet and sour soup. I feel a trip to The Tamarind Tree coming on......

Mungo said...

Is this REALLY all happening?? Are you just making all this up?? It is all just sounding like a fake dreamland...

Anige said...

Hot hot hot is not what have here. There was snow on the ground Saturday morning! I'm envious.

Mom, if you go to the Tamarind Tree you have to let us know so we can meet you there! My mouth is watering, too.

Brian Bowker said...

Marjie - Maybe you should start using an online calendar of some kind to keep track of who's cooking for you when and which shop gets to make your next dress for you and which person gets to wash your hair... It would be embarrassing to accidentally double book your luxuries.