Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Blog Post Confessional

Tonight, this blog is serving as my confessional. Here we go:

I think the Pineapple Lady is mentally impaired. Mentally challenged.

(What is the correct term?)

I told you about Sunday, when I walked by her and she smiled and joyfully pointed me to my beloved Banana Rice Cake in Tapioca Sauce Lady. Well, this morning - as soon as she sees me - she goes into convulsions again; however, this time she is convulsing as she points me to my corner and my banana cakes, and she is moaning...a mixture-of-pain-and-joy sobs.

Not only that, but when I glance uncomfortably around at all of my daily vendor friends to gauge their reactions, they are looking down and away and smiling in an embarrassed manner. She moans and moans. She is happily moaning that I am buying my cakes.

I am afraid to pose this question: Could it be that I have been having a Saigon style stand-off with a mentally handicapped fruit vendor?

I have always thought her mannerisms were odd - her convulsions downright weird.

Speaking of redemption (Sunday comments), are there any priests reading right now?

As for the rest of you...what should I do? Buy pineapple?


Amy T. said...

"I have been having a Saigon style stand-off with a mentally handicapped fruit vendor"

Oooooh, the visual that creates!
Take a Old West Town, add plastic chairs & food venders; replace the Duke with Ho Chi Min, guns with bananas...

I could go on, but I could also go to work.

Annette said...

How about asking Thanh? I would bet she knows the background story on most of the people you interact with. It sounds like she's comfortable enough with you to explain it.

Your kid videos last week were hilarious. Kids are kids no matter where. I can't wait to see the translations.

Mungo said...

Well, I'm not a priest, but I played one onstage...

Your confession has been heard.

Please say three "hail Marys."

Thank you, and goodnight.