Saturday, March 14, 2009

No Thank You

Saturday morning, as I am doing my usual Hanging-Out-With-Thuy-and-Thanh at their stand thing, Thuy says to me, "Maggie. Which one do you like?" She points at three different colors of silk fabric, each with a gold design: white, light blue and dark blue.

"I like this one," I say, and point to the dark blue.

I love it when we agree on things like this. She always nods her head, as if, yes, further confirmation that we are soul sisters. "Meet me here at 3, I want to give you something."

This friendship - with both of them, now, but especially with Thuy - is really something. They just give and give and give. Great amounts of talking things cannot be exchanged between us, but on a daily basis, I am experiencing true friendship without much of the talking things at all.

At 3, I show up for gift #1 million it seems. We walk back toward the castle to Ms. Hao's, dark blue and gold Vietnamese silk in hand. Between the two of them, they have conspired over a shirt they want to make me. It's kind of a tunic - it will come down to my hips and have three-quarter length sleeves. They know I will really love it, and I have no say in any of the details. It's going to be dark blue and gold, with gold and blue trim. Thuy bought the material, and Ms. Hao is making the shirt. It is a "souvenir" for me.

If you remember back to when Thuy first came to cook at the castle, she told me that I was her "friend in Vietnam" - without really knowing me - and then when I told her "thank you" for the cooking lesson, she reprimanded me and said that 'friends don't say thank you.' Ever since, whenever I want to say 'thank you', I just say 'no, thank you' - and this sends everyone into uncontrollable giggling. Especially Thanh.

"No thank you, no thank you, no thank you," I say to my two Vietnamese sisters, the seamstress and the fabric seller.

This morning, Sunday, I visit my turmeric rice cake women and order an extra to-go for Thuy and Thanh, who usually can't think about eating breakfast until they have their stand up and running.

When I deliver it, they say, "Thank you, Maggie!"

I give them a stern look.

Thuy looks confused, but Thanh gets it.

"Oh, NO thank you, Maggie!"


Brian Bowker said...

Beautiful post, Marjie! Like a poem about friendship!

Michelle said...

Please post a picture of you wearing your new tunic. I think it will be beautiful and I can't wait to see how you look in it!! Thuy and Thanh are true friends and you are turly a friend to them as well. You are all lucky to have found one another.

Mungo said...

I wish I had friends.

marjie said...

Mungo, last time I checked your Facebook friend count, it was in the thousands. Do you mean that you just want friends who will make you really hot clothes, or are your Facebook friends all phonies?

Brian Bowker said...

Gee Marjie, now I'm feeling kinda bad for Mungo. Why don't you send him a hot tunic?

marjie said...

What color do you want, Mungo? White, light blue, or dark blue?

Mungo said...

Gotsta be dark blue.

And, I only have around 480 facebook friends...

But, they are ALL my BEST friends in the WHOLE WORLD.

You, of course, are included in that list.