Sunday, November 16, 2008

Two "Only in Vietnam" Things:

Jon, my teaching neighbor from Texas, comes in looking a little bewildered this morning. "Do you have time for an 'Only in Vietnam' story?" he asks. "Always," I say.

He's riding on the back of a motorbike to work. His commute takes about 20 minutes. When he is nearing the school, he feels movement under where his knees are bent. He reaches down and feels something furry. It's a rat. A baby rat. Curled up under his knees. He flings it away quickly. He feels kinda badly; after all, it is just a baby...curled up under his knee!

He has no idea how it got there. Ick.

Monday afternoon email from Dr. Mark:

Dear All, We have a large typhoon coming. We will not have school tomorrow. Get plenty of clean drinking water, flash lights, candles and food. Thanks, Mark

I'm glad I live in a very strong castle~

Soon I will go home and prepare for my first typhoon. Brian, I think I had better go to the post office and pick up my flashlight...uh oh, I don't have my passport to do that. Wouldn't you know...


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Scary stuff Marjie, I'll be waiting for your typhon update, stay safe!!