Sunday, November 30, 2008

Nha Trang Weekend, Part One: Have you ever...?

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you get clipped in your lower back by a motorbike handlebar and when you hit the cement a crystal is dislodged in your ear and it takes a week and two hospital visits to shake the crystal back to its rightful place and the world stops spinning right before you are scheduled to fly to the most beautiful beach in Vietnam and you can't wait to just lie on the beach under a palm tree to rest and you get up at 3:30 to make your 6:00 flight and you can't believe how easy the 45 minute flight is and you break through the clouds on your descent and actually see the tarmac, although it is difficult to see under the whipping sand that makes it look like you're landing in Desert Storm and you think, wow this doesn't look like the pictures I Googled and I don't really think it's landing weather only to find out that it's not landing weather and you hear the announcement in Vietnamese first and actually understand that they are saying you are heading back to Ho Chi Minh City and when you get back there they say they will try again in one hour, and after an hour they tell you to get off the plane, you will fly at 1:00 but you must get your luggage and check it in again and then at 1:00 your plane is delayed until 3:00 and then at 3:00 you hear the announcement that your flight has been cancelled altogether so you try to get the ticket refunded but you want to keep the return flight because you think you'll just take the eight hour train to the beach but the girl at the counter tells you that their system says you are flying back Saturday, not Sunday, and that you must pay half the price of your ticket to change it back to Sunday because of their mistake and then you finally arrive at the train station and you're thinking it will be like the train ride from Shanghai to Beijing- so smooth and clean and you slept so well- only, instead, you get on the oldest, grungiest, jerkiest train in Southeast Asia at 7:00 pm (after ordering a club sandwich and having it arrive on a stale baguette) and you take the top bunk even though you're not feeling all that great- you're still a little dizzy-and when you realize you must use the toilet you crawl off your perch in the dark but you can't get the door open and all of your cabinmates are asleep so you keep struggling and after ten minutes of working with the door you finally get it open but when you get to the toilet there is no toilet paper so you go back to your cabin, climb back up to your bunk and rip a page out of the Lonely Planet only to discover back at the toilet that it's the A-B index so you go back again to get an insignificant page and the toilet is a squat toilet and the train is so jerky and you think you just want to die and you arrive at your destination at 3:00 am and it's rainy and windy and you hear that the weather is going to stay this way all weekend?

Have you ever had a week like that?


kumma said...

That is SO WEIRD... The EXACT same thing happened to me just last week!

Cecilie said...

Sounds like the worst week ever!

Brian Bowker said...

Instead of One Minute Poems you should specialize in One Sentence Blogs, Marjie!

Sorry the sentence had to be about just a crappy day.