Monday, August 06, 2007

Never miss a post!

Did you know that sometimes Marjie posts to her blog when she's not a huge trip?

"Really?!" you might ask, "How would I know to look for it??"

Eliminate the fear, folks, of missing a future post by Marjie! Now there are two ways to subscribe to her blog:

To the left you will notice a "Subscribe" section with two links in it. One allows you to subscribe using an RSS reader, which is a great way to keep up with subscriptions from multiple places.

But if RSS sounds unfamiliar or frightening, there is also a new link to an email subscription service that will send you an email when ever Marjie posts a new entry! Just click it and fill in the simple form and that's it! Even Blackberry users should be able to do it!*

* The author of this post does not guarantee compatibility with Blackberries, would-be-Broadway-stars or people easily frightened by RSS Readers.

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