Saturday, August 18, 2007

Columbia City Taco Truck=Happiness

Taco trucks are popping up all over my neighborhood, but I still choose to drive the twelve miles to Columbia City in order to get this $1.25 carnita taco from my favorite truck on Rainier Ave. S. in the Bank of America parking lot.

Fortunately, I can always find reasons to go to Columbia City, so I pretend it's not just about the truck, but really it is. I just buy cute clothes at Andaluz and go to my fruit and vegetable stand to add legitimacy.

But for me, Mexico=Happiness, and this taco is Mexico, so twelve miles to happiness is not bad at all...

is it?


Brian Bowker said...

There is a taco truck in Belingham that Rick (Karyn's Husband) and I go to once in a while, and it's always good.

But my favorite taco truck is in Burlington. I used to eat there often when I worked down there. It's run by a family and in the Summer their 10 year old boy would help out during the lunch rush. He seemed to be the only one that really knew how to speak English, so he always took the orders and worked the till.

I liked him and would often give him an extra dollar as his personal tip. One time his mother saw the exchange and asked him something in Spanish that I can only guess meant, "What was that for?" He shrugged his shoulders and said with a cool air, not even turning away from the window, "De nada."

Marjie said...

Burlington is what, about 30 miles from Seattle? I will meet you at your taco truck, because traveling 30 miles for you AND happiness is a good journey. Just name the day and time. We can have a Taco Truck contest...I've been wanting to have one for years.

Brian Bowker said...

Oh, I'm too scared to put my taco truck up against yours; I haven't eaten there for 5 years. I don't even know if it's still there.

But I would drive to Seattle in a heartbeat if your adventure could include tacos and humbao...

[Seriously - I've only found one place in B-ham that has humbao and it was barely mediocre.]

The Norris Clan said...

Wow... traveling 12-miles for the perfect carnita - that is commitment! Yeah, Rick loves his taco truck up here, but he also swears by the Burlington truck business (doubt, though, it's the same one as Brian's).

Brian - humbao's were everywhere in Chicago! Is that the new sushi or what?!