Saturday, June 10, 2006

All Roads Lead to China

China, China, China. China is all I've been hearing about lately, but (them taking over the world aside) maybe that is because I will be spending five weeks there this summer. I'm going to tell you all about it - the what, the how and the why - but you are required to visit my new travel blog for that information (linked below).

That's right, my travel blog. A travel blog is a bit of a stretch for me…it brings up some past emotional trauma that I have decided to work through. For those of you who remember The American Leif Erickson Comes to Norway Debacle, (when my little brother posted all of my Norway emails on the net and the newcomer to our school read all of the intimate (and incriminating) details of all of my colleagues' lives before his arrival - revelations that I considered to be for my email lists' eyes only and which may have been slightly exaggerated for entertainment purposes), you will understand why I am hesitant to make my stories publicly accessible.

My brother says he "doesn't want to create any more hardships for me," but he is convinced that blogging is the only way to go in the year 2006. Anyway, I am inviting all of you to interact on my blog weeks before my departure (July 6) so that 1.) he and I can get all of the blog bugs worked out before I am actually in China and 2.) so that you can enter the contest: "Name Marjie's Travel Blog." The winner will receive a copy of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book upon my return. I need both a title and a subtitle.

After you have clicked on the link, save it to your "favorites" - unless, of course, you would be lying by doing so.

OK, see you in The Blog! And don't be shy…post a reply (Rita, a two minute poem, please?)! Just hit the "comment" link at the bottom right following each post...


Brian Bowker said...

You know me, Marjie: I'm always looking for ways that I can not create any more hardships for you!

AND for ways that I can be the FIRST to post a comment!

Woohoo! I'm famous!

Rita Ireland said...

Jealous, yes I am, said she.
Of blog-ownership, set up for free.
Let alone to China
And not on her "dime",
It's enough to make me stop this rhyme.
You need to locate the real Craig from San Francisco and let him know how your life is changed....truly...there's a fly-film story here!

Dad said...

Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Marjie. We look forward to reading your blog and to having you home safely again.

Dennis Hartman said...

Can I place my order here? Put me down for the following:

- 1 pair genuine panda slippers
- 1500 copies of Windows XP Pro
- GPS coordinates of the Party Headquarters nearest you

Glenn Humble said...

Hey Marj,

It all sounds like a fabulous time. What a great summer adventure! Safe travels and take a lot of pictures.