Saturday, June 10, 2006

The "Name Marjie's Blog" Contest

OK, here is where you can enter to win a copy of Chairman Mao's Little Red Book...just come up with a catchy title and subtitle (see generic titles above), and make them better than everyone else's.

Submit your entries as a comment using the link below this post.


Anonymous said...

How about
"Marjie's quest to change the world, one student at a time"

Dennis Friedman said...

We were asked to name Marjie's Travel Blog. I'm thinking "this is a trick question". I think it should be called "Marjie's Travel Blog".

But what if it's not a trick question?

How about: "The Culinary Lens: Exploring the World One Kitchen at a Time"?

Anonymous said...

"Hey, 2 billion Chinese Can't be Wrong"

Anonymous said...


You may be right. What if this contest was as absurd as a severed head falling from the heavens and cracking Marjie's windshield? I choose to believe that this is legit, so here goes:

"Marjie's Mandarin Meanderings" or
"How I Penned a Great Short Story While Relaxing at a Shanghai Cafe, but an Hour Later I Had the Urge to Write Again..."

Niece Megan said...

Marjie's China Exploration

(and wild adventures)

Rita Rae said...

"Marjie's Travels On the Fly!"

It's been a reoccuring theme in her life lately...

Anonymous said...

Marjie's SHORT Term China Trip

Waiter, There's a FLY in My Won Ton Soup

(sorry, Rita)

Angie Griggs said...

News, Nouns, and Noodles:

Marjie's China Diaries

( If you can think of more "n" words, help me out! Nolan and Megan were not helpful.)

Angie Griggs said...

A better idea:

News, Nouns and Noodles:

Marjie's teaching, tasting, and traveling adventures

Angie Griggs said...

My final entry...

News, Noodles, and Nouns:

Marjie's Traveling, Tasting, and Teaching Tales

Crystal '85 said...

Let's see..."CHINA: Through the pen of Marjie."
"One noodle at a time". or
"THE CHINA BOWL". "One noodle at a time."

Marjie Bowker said...

I like the blog vibe(or "glob" vibe, as someone called it yesterday). ...I hope that the anonymous alliteration expert knows that he/she will not qualify for any prizes if he/she remains anonymous. Also, you have to know that my niece gets all of the cute points, so she is definitely a front-runner. Don't tell my brother, but I couldn't figure out how to log into my own blog to respond until now. Keep the ideas coming and thanks!

Brian Bowker said...

I heard that!

Anonymous said...

I'm not looking for any prizes, unless there's plundering involved!

Don't forget, "Dead Men Tell No Tales..." (Treasure Island, R.L. Stevensen)

Bill Gillam said...

Perhaps naming your journey after that cinematic work of art from the 1970s- "Marjie's China Syndrome", Or "China Syndrome 2006" (obviously I hope your trip does not end in a nuclear reactor meltdown)

Brian Bowker said...

How about "Marjie Loves China: 1.3 Billion People Can't Be Wrong"


"Dr. Strangenoodle: How I learned to stop worrying and love the Chinese expropriation of America's most valued assets."

jaci said...

Marjie's Glob:
The China Bowl-One Noodle At A Time.
I am having a great time reading all of your great words and playing with them so thank you for being creative and thoughtful for me because I am Marjie's adoring but brain-dead friend Jaci
ganbei!(Mandarin for Cheers!)

Anonymous said...

There once was a gal with a Blog.
It's name was encased in a fog.

When she inquired with some friends,
They were at their wits ends.

But the Pirate replied,
"Have some grog!"

henryshaw said...

Marjie's Travel Blog: Can Henry Reply?
This is a test. Sorry, I'm a rookie.

Cindy in Sandefjord said...

Having witnessed in my office how Marjie redefined the word cringe upon realising How Leif Erickson Discovered Sandefjord, I feel I can contribute with a few comments here.

How about any of the following combinations?

Marjie's Magical Mystery Tour: Chasing Chinese Chicken Chants

Wandering Won Ton: Marjie's Mad Dash for More (??help me here)

Eastern Encounters of the English Kind: Bowker Busts Bejing

Chinese Culinary Chase: Noodles in the Nick of Time

PS - I agree with Marjie - I don't know how to log on either - any instructions in Norwegian?

Dennis Hartman said...

These are sure to help you make friends in China:

Remember Tiannamen!
(The People Will Rise Again, and I Will Organize Them)

Down With the Central Government
(I Espouse Violent Revolution)

Taiwan for U.S. Statehood
(Goodbye China, Hello America)

Dennis Hartman said...

Flied Lice:
No Child Left Behind

Dennis Hartman said...

Marjie's Chinese Secret
"We Need More Calgon!"

Dennis Hartman said...

Seriously, though:

State of Confucian
Marjie's Redistribution of Wisdom, 2006

Dennis Hartman said...

Sino the Times
"All the News That's Fit to Elude the Censors"

casey said...

Marjorie's Morning Star,
Travels with Marjie,
It's Not Just About the Food,
Free Range Marjie, or
The True and Tasty Adventures of Marjie, World Traveller and Conniseusse of Street Cuisine