Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We Love Our Pomelo Guy

... because he peels and sections it for us. He charges 4,000 VND for a whole peeled pomelo (less than 25 cents). At the store you could pay up to 20,000 VND. Megan is crazy about pomelo. I wonder how she is living without it? She kept this poor guy busy.

He also sells durian. We hate durian and it's a bad day in the market if that is all he has.


Mongorian said...

"That was the latest song from Durian Durian - "Hungry For Pomelo" - on your Retro Radio Station..."

jp 吉平 said...

haha, this post is pretty funny. In my family, we take of the peel, and then let it dry out of a few hours. then it's easy to take the pulp out of the papery sections.

I tried to explain this to my friends in china, but they weren't having it.