Saturday, January 16, 2010

American Teenagers in Viet Nam

Clarification: Even though these burgers made Devon and Megan very happy in this moment, all three of the kids were very adventurous when it came to the food here.

Megan doesn't like seafood (except for processed fish sticks) so that made all of us a little sad. But she dove into other treats, like Bot Chien - fried rice flour cake, beef with lemongrass and won ton soup. She definitely had her favorites.

Devon ate everything. One night in particular when we were in Hoi An, he and grandpa ordered a combination of regional specialties. It was fun to watch and overhear them sharing about ten dishes, asking, "What is this?" "MMMMM, try this grandpa" and "How do you filet this fish?"

Nolan had a taste for K and my favorite pho stand, water spinach, baked squid, the fresh bread rolls and of course the pork and taro spring rolls.

But sometimes, you just need a burger. Right, everyone?


Brian Bowker said...

Those are some wacky looking burgers.

Mungolvania said...

Brian, I guess they prefer to have food that actually TASTES good in Vietnam, rather than just looking good, like the good ol' U.S. of A.