Sunday, January 10, 2010

Devon's Turn

What a trip. Before this trip, I didn't know what to expect. Now, after the completion of the trip, I have realized that it is nearly inevitable to not know what all to expect on such a trip.


This trip included a few firsts for me. To begin, I have never been off the continent of North America. It feels strange to say that I have flown over the Pacific Ocean. We did a lot of travel within Vietnam too; I don't know that I've ever visited that many different cities in one month. HCMC, Nha Trang, Ha Noi, Ha Long Bay, and Hoi An were all the cities we visited, that's five different cities in one month. That's a lot. At least to me.

HCMC was arguably the most exciting of the visited cities. Our time in HCMC started out with a taxi ride which marked our first experience with the roads of Nam. I still remember passing on the left with oncoming traffic. I have not forgotten that thrill.

And that first taxi ride was only the beginning.

Another first for me was attending a middle-school. I was home-schooled throughout my middle-school years, so I never did attend a middle-school here in the States. I find it odd stating that my first middle-school experience took place thousands of miles away from anyplace I have ever lived. My day at middle-school was... notable. Perhaps that is an understatement with my barfing in the cafeteria and later kinda-sorta unofficially getting asked to an official dance. Text fails to give a good reflection here. So, I'll move on.

Sleeper-buses were new to me. I really like my bed here at home, but sleeping on a bed on a bus was a neat experience. The aspect of falling asleep at the place of my departure and waking up at the place of my destination was sublimely a really cool deal.

Now I know this doesn't really have anything to do with Nam, but at one point on that sleeper-bus my left foot fell asleep so heavily that I practically couldn't move my foot. I tried to move my foot at the ankle, but it wouldn't. It felt really weird trying to walk when the muscles of one ankle wouldn't work...

Anyway, back to the subject at hand--

Nam, in general, has good food. That was a good experience, all the tasty food. It seemed that in any direction there was tasty food calling to be consumed, "Devon, Devon!" it would cry. A particularly tasty treat Marjie had in her neighborhood was fresh pineapple. I never quite understood why my Dad liked pineapple so much, but I think I do now. Tasting that amazing slice of happiness was like all the cares of the world melting away. Okay, okay, not like that. But really, that pineapple was one of the most delicious foods of the entire trip. No joke.

The weather of Nam was quite different from here at home as well. The continuing warmth of HCMC was something that I am not well acquainted with here in the Seattle area. How is that? I will say that I now have a better appreciation for milkshakes. =)

All of Nam was so much more than these words, but these are a few samples. I hope the readers have enjoyed my blogging.

And I want to thank my Aunt for her enabling my family to take this amazing trip to Nam. It has been a great experience, one that I will certainly not soon forget. Thank you very much, Aunt Marjie.

This is Devon Griggs, over and out.


Mungoh said...

"...sublimely a really cool deal."

That sums it all up! Great post, Devon!

Brian Bowker said...

Great post, Devon!

I hadn't thought of it in those terms when you first wrote about the "barfing" incident, but it is quite amazing that you had your first cafeteria-related public humiliation experience AND got asked to a dance for the first time in the same day! Kudos!

We'll have to have a family meeting and decide where Marjie should teach for two years next time so the rest of us can have an interesting vacation. (And next time I will be ALL IN!!)

marjie said...

You are certainly welcome, Devon. Your fame lives on at AIS, too; kids still talk about you, but not The Incident (they are cool like that).

Over and over I have heard from those who met you how "nice those kids are." Yes, you three are nice, respectful, thoughtful and fun - and you rolled with every punch the trip hit us with.

Jeri said...

Great post Devon! I enjoyed reading about your experiences...well, most of them anyway =)

Anonymous said...

Devon-this is your Aunt Marjie's friend Jaci reading this a month later for the 2nd time. She had forwarded this great blog of yours to me right after you wrote it.
1. I am so impressed with the way you write/express yourself. It runs in the family!

2. I can tell you are SOLID GOLD and so happy you had such a great trip/experience across the board and have such a fantastic attitude. Thank you for giving me hope in the young of America!