Thursday, December 24, 2009

Guest Blogger #7, Angie Griggs, Age Marjie plus 2

Christmas in Vietnam has definitely been memorable. A few days ago our family drew names for our shopping, then went off to the Ben Thanh market, the huge tourist market in Saigon, to do our shopping. It's a little different bartering for the gifts you want to buy, and I must say the crowds were denser than anything I have ever seen on a Black Friday morning. But we succeeded! There is almost anything you could wish for at that market times ten!

Christmas Eve morning we went off into Marjie's neighborhood market to buy fresh fruit for our Christmas Eve salad (and of course rice cakes for our breakfast). Marjie had ordered a full turkey dinner to be delivered at 6pm, complete wth pumpkin pie. Believe me, we waited for it with not a little trepidation. We're so used to delicious turkey and all the fixings, and it would be such a disappointment if the dinner didn't taste good!

Marjie had invited Thuy and Thanh to join us, along with Tu and Monkey Boy. All of the gifts were wrapped, my dad played Christmas music from his mp3 player, and then at 5:30 up drives a guy on his motorbike with plastic bags full of our turkey dinner. Thuy and Thanh had never heard of turkey before. They called it a "big chicken." Thuy jumped right in and helped my dad carve it. We served our guests first, and were pretty relieved when they liked it! We took our first bites, and I think almost everybody ate seconds! Pretty tasty! Even the gravy, much to Megan's enjoyment.
I know none of us will ever forget this Christmas. Reading the story of Jesus' birth in 90' heat is quite a change from the foot of snow that surrounded us at Christmas last year, so we watched How the Grinch Stole Christmas to get in our snow quota. T, T, T and MB loved it.
We are off to Hanoi tomorrow for more great Vietnamese food and adventure. Merry Christmas everybody!


Cecilie said...

I am so glad it worked out for you and your family to meet in Vietnam to celebrate Christmas - you really deserved that! They all look tanned and great, and the kids have really grown since I last saw them! Keep enjoying your company - I know exactly how great it is to visit you! :0)

Brian Bowker said...

That looks like so much fun! I miss you guys all so much!

Motorcycle delivered Christmas turkey dinner... What more could you ask for??

Mungonson said...

My heart goes out to Brian right now, having his family all away on the holidays! Love you, man!

Brian Bowker said...

Thanks, Mungonson. I'm holding it together, one day at a time.