Monday, December 21, 2009

Guest Blogger #6, John Bowker, Ageless Plus Four

Contrasts really strike me here:

-A large crowd of people in front of an open front building watching TV and cheering on the Viet Nam soccer team while a dense confusion of motorbikes go by in the street and a loudspeaker somewhere plays a US Hit Parade Song in English. When the team wins, the motorbikes increase with many riders displaying large national flags.

-Pedicab drivers who look you in the eye while grabbing your wallet, compared with restaurant owners who will chase you down the street to return a 3,000 VND (20 cent) overcharge for rice.

-A very active, narrow street market with a large variety of prepared food, clothing, raw fish and meat with a Willie Nelson song playing in the background.

-The lobby of the hotel in our neightborhood with a beautiful Christmas tree next to the front desk, complete with wrapped gifts and the hotel owner's motorbike parked beside it.

What an experience. Thanks, Marjie!


Brian Bowker said...

The experience must be unreal.

In the picture it looks to me like you're having some sort of amazing food whilst sitting on a tiny plastic chair in the middle of an ally; yet another contrast!

I wonder what contrasts Vietnamese people would notice coming to America?

Mungoque said...

Love it...