Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting Kissed In Saigon

It took me over a year to get kissed in Saigon, but it took Jessica only one day.
Unfortunately, I am talking about the most unromantic kiss's the burn you receive when you dismount a motorbike on the wrong side and sear your leg on the exhaust pipe. I got my first one after school a few weeks ago right above my ankle.. let me tell you - it is painful. Jessica noticed it when I picked her up at the airport.

"What is that?" were her exact first words to me (after "hi!").

"It's called a Saigon Kiss - you don't want one," I answered.

Well, the next day I received a text from her in the morning (I bought a "guest phone" for everyone about to visit) saying that she had already met Thuy and Thanh, had taken a xe om (mototaxi) and had already been kissed in Saigon.

She didn't think it was too bad. Then.

But look at it now... it's bad.

It is also referred to as The Saigon Souvenir. She is going to take home a big souvenir.

Impressed with her bravery and accomplishments for the first day? Me too. Well, I will let her tell you about Day #2 with Nam, but will "spoil" it by telling you that she met me at school in a very cheery mood despite the fact that she had witnessed a bad motorbike accident, gotten her phone stolen, had experienced a bike breakdown with Nam, and had been kicked off of a tour at the Reunification Hall.
Not bad, Jessica, for only 48 hours in Saigon...


Cecilie said...

Impressive! I guess I missed out on a lot ;0)

Brian Bowker said...

Ouch! I used to get "kissed" by my roommate's motorcycle all the time when I was in college. Very painful.

We've put men on the moon. ON THE MOON! How hard could it be to make a motorbike that doesn't have a branding iron right next to the passenger's leg??