Sunday, November 29, 2009

From Hue to Hot Pot in One Day

All good news to report regarding our Thanksgiving Hue trip (and Jessica's beach trip - thanks for sending the good beach vibes her way), but all of that goodness will have to be reported "later."

Jessica and I got up early this morning for the beautiful bus ride from Hue to Danang and flew back in time to celebrate Thuy's birthday at the Weasel BBQ Place. (I'm really glad that Jessica got to see weasel being grilled on her second to last night in Vietnam.) Here she is posing with the best hot pot I have had yet:

We had a great dinner - T and T, Jessica, Tarn, Katherine and I - but we are all extremely tired. Take a look at Katherine, who has the most right to be tired - she was the first woman to finish a race to the top of the Black Virgin Mountain near Tay Ninh on Saturday (Tay Ninh is where my Uncle Rex was stationed in '68 and he still talks about that mountain). I'm very proud of my castlemate! And we are also tired from fighting cockroaches in the castle, which is something I will post about at another date, too.
I hope my family still wants to come after reading that last sentence...


Angie said...

Cockroaches? Ewwww. Should I bring Raid to keep under my pillow? Should I sneak Tigger along? He's a great mouser. I hope you win the battle against the bugs by next week! I really do! Really!

Brian Bowker said...

I read the sentence, and I still wish I could come.


Mungob said...

I read the sentence as well, and if one of your family members bows out, I'll gladly take their place.