Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Blog Game: "I hear that people from Seattle..."

Meet the 6th graders of 6C. We have been reading a book about the Danish Resistance of World War Two, Number the Stars, so I decided we needed to lighten things up during our Thursday double period. They are all telling you "Things They Have Heard about Seattle." Some of the rumors they have heard are quite shocking!

Sorry about the four parts: I have learned that videos load best in 20 second increments. If you don't have time to watch all of them, watch the last one, at the bottom. I do not know where Lucky came up with it, but enjoy the view of 16 sixth graders completely losing it after he tells what he has heard about "People from Seattle."

And, of course, guess what at least one of them is saying - they can't wait to hear what you think of their video!

In order of appearance:

1-Alex, Michael, Tommy

2-Annie, Mindy, Sam

3-Tom, Lisa

4-Ami, Lucky

English translations will be provided next Thursday~


Carol said...

I'll do an easy one. The first boy in the middle video is saying, "People in Seattle just sit around drinking coffee and feeding their faces."

Thomas said...

Well, Lucky probably supposes that Seattleites on average are somewhat chubby... They just lacking all that Sweet Sour Salty Spicy Crunchy... sort of Happy Marjie Diet.

Mungo said...

First of all, green-haired Sam is my kind of guy...

As for Lucky... I'm pretty sure it's all about how people from Seattle let their gasses fill the sky...

Brian Bowker said...

I think Sam is saying that it rains so much that our hair turns green with mold, and we are very vain about it.

I also think several other students are saying that Miss Marjory is famous in Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Hello dear friend Marjie and class:
6th Graders have a LOT of energy. I remember this from teaching 6th grade for a while. Also, you let us know what you really think! I appreciate that.
I guess the other word Ms. Marjie can translate for you is that you are just plain "goofy."
It was snowing here today and school was late! Now the sun is out so it is pretty.
Debby Walters

Megan said...

Well, I think that Sam is saying that people from Seattle are weirdos that apparently have green hair, but I have to let him know, that over here, most people have pink and purple hair, green was SO last year.... :-) There is too much green already with all the moss and trees, so we had to mix it up a bit. :-)

Brian Bowker said...

The first girl in the second video, Annie?, sounds like she says something about "Miss Marjorie" and "Bill Gates". I bet she's saying that Miss Marjorie taught Bill Gates everything he knows. Or possibly that they used to date, or maybe it's a mix of both... Definitely something along those lines though, because I heard that same rumor over here just the other day.

Cecilie said...

It is definitely something about you and Bill Gates and about how beautiful Miss Marjie is! Honestly, I have no idea what they are saying, but your students are so cute and full of energy! They also seem to be very well behaved. Tell them I loved the videos :-)

Dad said...

My wild guesses are:

Michael: People from Seattle like to eat.

Tommy: People from Seattle need big hats because it rains so much.

Ami: People from Seattle tell you what to do - just like Miss Marjorie.

Nice students!

Brian Bowker said...

More guesses:

Alex: People in Seattle (and the surrounding areas) are super cool.
My response: This is true.

Mindy: Seattle is full of angels.
My response: Bless you.

Lisa: Sometimes when Seattle people are eating, they spill food on themselves.
My response: That's how we save food for desert.

Michael: People drive very fast in Seattle.
My response: We don't drive fast; we fly low.

Tommy: People in Seattle put on helmets and then go mad with power.
My response: This is also true.

Ami: Bill Gates has a crush on Marjorie.
My response: Everyone in Seattle has a crush on Miss Marjorie!

Miriam said...

I think at least three of the students said Seattlites have perfect hair just like Miss Marjie's.

Devon said...

I'm thinking that Mindy was saying something like this. "You people in Seatle fly around in helicopter seats. When the engines stop working on occasion, then you flap your arms to try to stay in the air, but then you realize that it isn't woring and you just pray."

Mila's Mom said...

Oh my Goodness! Sixth graders are so Dorky and Full of Life! no matter where they are from. Dorky is a Big Compliment in my world. This was great, Marjie. Made my day.

Mila's Mom said...

Oh my Goodness! Sixth graders are so Dorky and Full of Life, no matter where they are from! Dorky is a Big compliment in my world! This was great, Marjie. Made my day.