Tuesday, February 10, 2009

59 Minutes of Dental Work when The Moon is Round

We don't have dental insurance at the school, but I had heard that all dental work is really cheap, so I finally make an appointment for a cleaning. I get there at 4:00, and by 4:25 my teeth are clean and the receptionist has made an appointment for me to see an implant specialist across town.

(I need a crown to go with the implant that was required after biting down on the rock in the "student only" granola bar while administering the WASL - Washington Assessment of Student Learning - five years ago). (In case you need proof that that test is evil.)

I pay $6 for the cleaning and they call a mototaxi driver who waits outside to take me to the implant building. By 4:59, I have consulted with a specialist, had x-rays and impressions taken. The implant will cost $400. At home, my insurance will cover 50%, which would leave me with $1000 out-of-pocket.

Two Things:
1. Again, doing the math: if you need clothes made and dental work done, it is totally worth it to buy a plane ticket to Vietnam.

2. Teeth cleaning is so cheap here, maybe I will add it to my "Bathtub Plan." I have washed my own hair only once since I made The Plan...and I hated doing it. Why not have someone clean my teeth, too? Something to consider.

As for the signs, they are painted on a coffee shop across from the implant building. I myself do not drink coffee, but maybe you have had it "fried?" And it is nice that this cafe wishes you "Money, wealth and uck."

In China, I noticed these kinds of signs all the time, but here they aren't as ubiquitous.

One more thing...I am at Thuy and Thanh's in the morning, and my squid guy isn't sitting on his usual corner.

"Where is the squid guy?" I ask Thuy.

"He is at temple. The moon is round."

"Is he there all day?"

Thuy points around to where many of the vendors should be. "She's at temple, he's at temple..."

Funny, I've been here six months and I didn't notice. Another thing that happens when the moon is round: meat places go vegetarian. For example, my pork/taro spring roll lady is selling something different. As I peer into her chafing dish, a woman standing next to me says (in perfect English), "You should try it, it's really delicious."

It's always a bit shocking when someone in the market speaks perfect English. She tells me it's tofu, rice paper and onions, all shredded up together. It's vegetarian because "the moon is round today." You can get this mixture with noodles, or you can get it stuffed inside spring rolls and deep fried. I am tending to go with all things deep fried lately, and this choice does not disappoint me.

All things deep fried except for coffee, that is.


Amy T said...

Well then

I'm starting a "When the Moon Is Round" Club. I don't yet know my rituals, but I love having them.

Who's in?

Brian Bowker said...

The moon was round last night here, and we ate ice cream. Originally the purpose was to celebrate a friend's birthday, but next time it might as well be for the moon.

When I was just out of college I took a job as an errand boy for a corporate office in town. I had to buy a whole new wardrobe of ties, slacks, and nice shirts. by the time I left that job I had more debt than when I started.

I should have taken a vacation to Vietnam instead: I could have also gotten my teeth cleaned and still come out ahead!

angie said...

I don't think I can aford NOT to come to Vietnam now.

The Norris Clan said...

I SO need to come visit... I need a LOT of dental work done AND I love deep fried... but I don't know about the coffee... I love that too. just not deep fried.

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Brian Bowker said...

Wow Marjie! You're blog is even becoming a staple for the dental industry!