Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Blog Contest: Pirates! and a prize!

(Blog contest explained below)

Here's just a portion of the castle's pirated TV series, movie collections and music videos, from top left: House (4 seasons), Sex and the City (7 seasons), Alfred Hitchcock Collection (44 movies), Woody Allen Collection (44 movies), 30 Rock (seasons 1 and 2), and the music video collection: 30 live Elvis performances, Michael Jackson #1's, Beattles "Help!", Abba "Super Troupers," Katherine's "Disco Inforno" (sic) DVD- the crown of all our music DVD's, Journey's collection of MTV videos, a Lionel Richie video collection, including "Dancing on the Ceiling" and "All Night Long" (a VERY CLOSE second place to "Disco Inforno" (sic), Madonna (amazing), INXS, and a George Michael and Wham! (close following Lionel's). Notables not pictured: Carpenter's Karaoke, Whitney Houston, Queen, Duran Duran, and a load of single movies, such as "Roman Holiday" and "Frost/Nixon."

We are especially proud of our music video collection and they are the center focus of most castle parties. Katherine and I also watch them for hours.

Of course you want to know how much. OK, movie collections and TV series= 100,000 VD ($6). That's right, 44 Woody Allen movies for $6. Music videos= 20,000 VD ($1.20), movies= 15,000 VD (90 cents).

It's such a fun hobby, along with dress designing and food tasting - this is a fun (yet not at a beautiful) city.

Now, for the contest part: Speaking of our quintessential "Disco Inferno" DVD- if you were compiling a collection of pre-MTV disco hits, which singers or bands would be on there, and what song would he/she/they be singing?

First to get FIVE SINGERS AND FIVE SONGS CORRECT WINS (five out of twenty-one)!

Make your guesses, and I will confirm singers and songs until you get all five singers and all five songs, so if you're into it (Mungo), check back often (but keep in mind I am on vacation until Saturday or Sunday and had this contest post automatically in my absence, so feedback will not be as quick as I would like).

This prize is easy: if you win, you get a music DVD of your choice sent to you (only, we haven't been able to find another "Disco Inferno.") Too bad. But, Mungo, I know you want Lionel Richie anyway.

Good luck!


Amy T. said...

Disco was not allowed in our household; Clash, Frampton, Sabbath, Skynyrd... the lightest we could go was Stix. I fold.

Michelle said...

Pirates and a prize, Arrgg! OK, here are my guessess:
• Donna Summers, “Last Dance”
• The Tramps, “Disco Inferno”
• Gloria Gaynor, “I will Survive”
• The Village People, “YMCA”
• Bee Gees, “Staying Alive”

Brian Bowker said...

Pre-MTV?? Marjie, that's ridiculous. Before 'MTV' it was just 'TV', right? That means there was no music.

Mungo said...

Gotta go with the following:

"(Shake, Shake, Shake) Shake Your Booty" - KC and the Sunshine Band

"Play That Funky Music (White Boy)" - Wild Cherry

"The Hustle" - Van McCoy

"Love To Love You Baby" - Donna Summer

"Rock The Boat" - Hues Corporation

So, take that.

Tim Baker said...

Disco was the worst thing that ever happened to good music. I remember trying to stay awake at disco's in the 70's because the music was boring, the dancing was boring and it went on forever. No start, no end, just monotony. My votes for the worst music ever:
Grace Jones- Private Life
The BG's- Staying Alive
Chic - Everybody Dance
The Emotions - Best of my Love
KC and the Sunshine Band - That's the Way I Like it
Cool and the Gang - Celebration

marjie said...

OK, all of you disco haters (Brian, I just couldn't wrap my mind around your comment):

Here's what you have right so far:

Village People, "YMCA" **
Kool and the Gang "Celebration" **
Donna Summers *

Half way there...and Tim, I'm sorry, but your daughter and I watch this DVD constantly so you will have to endure when you visit. But, actually, the video audience seems really bored with disco, too, so you will fit right in with them.

Michelle said...

OK, here is my updated changes:
Donna Summers
The Village People
Rose Royce, "Car Wash"
Chic, "LeFreak
KC & The Sunshine Band, "Get Downtonigh"
Average White Band, "Cut the Cake"

marjie said...

With all of these entries, I keep thinking, "now, why WOULDN'T "Car Wash" be on it? Or the Average White Band? or KC?

Michelle, you got one more right:

Chic, "Le Freak" **

Don't forget that you still need Donna Summer's song.

Michelle said...

"Love to Love you Baby"???? Donna Summers???? . . . I can't believe it's not Last Dance!

Mungo said...

K&G - Celebration
Chic - Le Freak (I WAS going to include that on my original guess)
Donna Summer - On The Radio
Labelle - Lady Marmalade

marjie said...

Still don't have the right DS Song, and still need one more singer/band and one more song. No Lady Marmalade, Mungo.

Michelle said...

"Bad Girls" ???? for Donna Summer and "Play That Funky Music" Wild Cherry

Cecilie said...

I am definitely not into disco, but what about "Hot stuff?" and Bee Gees "You win again?" Probably bad suggestions, but if there ever is an 80ies contest, I am sure I will do better!


marjie said...

No Bee Gees, no Wild Cherry, and that Donna Summers song is SO elusive!

Cecilie said...

What about Boney M, Diana Ross, The Jackson 5 or Barry White? I am running out on disco artists!

marjie said...

Boney M, yes *
Jackson 5, yes *

What songs? Be sure to name all artists and songs because now the competition is close.

Anonymous said...

Ok. I am not giving up yet:
Village People, "YMCA"
Kool and the Gang, "Celebration"
Donna Summers, "She works hard for the money"
Boney M, "Brown girl in the ring"
Jackson 5, "Dancing Machine"

Cecilie said...

Ops - did´n manage to get my name down on the last comment...

marjie said...

Cecilie, you have all of the artists right, AND the Donna song. Good job.

Now, which Jackson 5 song, and which Boney M?

Cecilie said...

Village People, "YMCA"
Kool and the Gang, "Celebration"
Donna Summers, "She works hard for the money"
Boney M, "Daddy cool"
Jackson 5, "I want you back"

Michelle said...

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride!

marjie said...

Cecilie - you have it all right except for the Jackson 5 song...

Michelle...what - are you giving up right now?? You still have a chance.

Mungo said...

Village People - YMCA
Kool and the Gang - Celebration
Donna Summer - She Works Hard For the Money
Boney M - Daddy Cool
Jackson 5 - Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)

By the way, I think it shouldn't count anytime anyone says "Donna Summers."

marjie said...

Not Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground).

Mungo has this thing about spelling musicians' names correctly. I once wrote Lionel "RiTchie" and he had a cow. Remember, Mungo?

Which may be what you win if you can get the J5 song.

Sigh. I stand corrected, "Donna Summer"

Michelle said...

"ABC" Jackson 5 . . . I thought there was already a winner, that's why I thought, once again I was the bridesmaid. . .

marjie said...

It's kind of a hard J5 song, just so you know. It's not ABC. You can still guess another artist - there are 16 more on the DVD!

Mungo said...

Village People - YMCA
Kool and the Gang - Celebration
Donna Summer - She Works Hard For the Money
Boney M - Daddy Cool

I'm going to try "Funkytown" by Lipps, Inc.

Yes, smarj, I have thing for getting names correct - actually, I'm a spelling freak... Ever since Kathleen Cavender beat me in a spelling bee in junior high because I missed "gangrene." (GAN-"GREEN")

Mungo said...

That should be "...I have A thing for..."

Dang it.

Mungo said...

By the way, how is it that the name of the DVD is "Disco Inferno," yet the song "Disco Inferno" by The Trammps is not on it??

Mungo said...

Come on! It's been 36 minutes since my last guess, and I don't have an answer yet as to whether or not I've won!!

marjie said...

Finally...phew. I was losing faith in my audience. Yes, of course, Lipps Inc, "Funkytown"!! The J5 song is "Blame it on the Boogie."

Just so you know, it is 3:19 AM here in HCMC. You've just made Michelle a bridesmaid again. Do you feel badly about that?

And as for spelling bees, do you remember when I WON the B in the 6th grade when Stacey P. spelled "of" o.v?" I will never forget it... "Of, O-V, of" - and suddenly I was the champion. No, I guess you wouldn't remember because you were at that other (pretty scummy) grade school.


By the way, why didn't anyone guess Sister Sledge? Sugarhill Gang? James Brown? Billy Ocean? ALICIA BRIDGES? Come on!! You sure don't know your disco.

Mungo said...

"Blame it on the Boogie" was going to be my next J5 guess, too. I rule.

I'll have to think about what I want for my prize... Gotta be something from the 80's...

How can you call my childhood "scummy?" Lynnwood Elementary, Lynnwood Junior High, and Lynnwood High School. One of two of the last classes in Lynnwood history to have that distinction. I am very proud. (along with being the first four-year class at LHS, of course...)

Michelle, you can be my bridesmaid anytime.

Michelle said...

Mungo, I would be honored to be your bridesmaid. Can you choose a dress that is especially hideous so I can add it to my collection?

marjie said...

Bill, I believe that this has been said about you:

"You can take the boy out of Lynnwood, but you can't take Lynnwood out of the boy."

Michelle, we can have a hideous bridesmaid dress made when you come.

Cecilie said...

I just had to go to bed that night and Rune was fed up with all my disco questions! But it was fun!