Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And the winner of the dress design competition is:

I tallied up the points last night (Sunday), from both blog and email votes and here's how they broke down:
#1 - 16 votes
#2 - 7 votes
#3 - 10 votes
Angie, nice job getting all of your friend to help you win. That's a smart way to play. No, really, I love this dress. Let's discuss a prize (or prizes)?
However, I think my mom's comment was very appropriate. She thinks I should have ALL of them made, and I agree. She thinks I should have tons and tons of clothes made, and like Amy emphasized, I do what my mother tells me. I will start with this #1 though, and I think that Michelle and I should have #3 made when she comes to visit. It will be fun to go shopping with her at Ben Thanh Market. (You all can come, too.) I'm counting on the fact that she will be having some clothes made while she is here, too.
Stay tuned tomorrow for a scheduled post of "Castle Tour Videos." I am excited for you to see the castle. I guess I am a little video crazy at the moment.
And, of course, Blog Contest Thursday is scheduled to post at 12:01 am. Thursday, PST, as well, and it involves a prize this time. Remember, Michelle is quite competitive and I think she's really going to go for it on this one since she placed second in the dress competition. By the way, the most passionate votes (esp, Cecilie's, my fashion friend's) were for #3, Michelle. Maybe next time I will have to account for passion??


Michelle said...

Thank you for the nod to passion! I love contests and especially if there are prizes!! Although disappointed I came in second I am happy that I was able to participate. And YES Marjie, I will have dresses made. I love the idea of having dress #3 made! In fact one of the items on my to-do list includes visiting the Joanne Fabrics to purchase a few patterns!
I am anxiously waiting for Thursday’s contest – bring it on!

Amy T. said...

One to always cower in the face of competition (youngest child syndrom?), I am now totally intimidated by Michelle.

Here's my lunch money.

Angie said...

I won? Yay! How fun. Don't I have great friends?

Brian Bowker said...

when you say, "...have ALL of them made," you really mean "all four of them made" including my suggestion, right?

Mungo said...

Just think... this was all before I smeared the floor with everyone on the next contest. Poor, pitiful fools.