Sunday, January 04, 2009

Laos/Cambodia/Thailand Scoring Guide

Happy New Year!

It's good to be home.

I am lying in my cozy bed listening to Lyle Lovett, wondering why I ever do anything else but lay in my bed and listen to Lyle Lovett.

But of course that is just the Rat Droppings talking.

The last two weeks have been so diverse as far as the best and worst of times that I am going to use this "room menu" we found at our first Thailand hotel to score our trifecta Christmas break survey of Southeast Asia: Laos, Cambodia and Thailand, over the next few days of posts.

So the highest score will be "Triple Hot Shower" (which, by the way, you should always choose, if ever given a choice). The lowest, however, needs one more category, and it is this:

"One Step Up From a Tent with Rat Droppings and a Broken Ladder down to a Squat Toilet with a Beautiful View." But we won't get to that category for a few days. Would anyone like to guess which country hosted the experience for that score?

And, of course, that was the most recent experience, so that is why I am wondering why I ever leave my bed.

I will give one thing away right now: Vietnam is the best country in Southeast Asia. Vietnam, as a country, is a Triple Hot Shower, and we are all SO glad to be back in it. Stay tuned for travel stories throughout this week, as I get back into the mode of life and teaching in this Triple Hot Shower Country.

Tonight I will go to bed dreaming of my morning banana rice cake with tapioca sauce. I think it's what I missed the most, but I will have to think about it and confirm that with you tomorrow.

Again, happy new year! And it's really good to be back.


Tim Baker said...

I am looking forward to your analysis of the various countries, but I love the comment about Vietnam as a triple hot shower. I can hardly wait. (For your analysis that is) Welcome back.

Michelle said...

I am so happy you're back in the land of sweet sour salty spicy crunchy. I knew you were off a new adventure but everyday I would check the blog to see if you had reported anything. I can't wait to read about all the new places you saw and the new foods you've tasted. Happy New Year!!

Brian Bowker said...

Welcome back, Marjie! Can't wait to hear how your side-adventures were through the room accommodation scoring system!

We're glad you're home listening to Lyle Lovett too!

The Norris Clan said...

Oh, M! So glad you are back safe and sound! Can't WAIT to hear about your adventures. I have been having withdrawals.

btw - my guess in Cambodia for the craphole, rat poop place. yes?