Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Personal Massages in the Balcony Room: K and I are on the lookout for a massage table. (And now a bar hanging from the ceiling...thanks for the idea, Michelle...)

Alex (subject of Blog Game Thursday): Did NOT read the blog over the weekend. I had to get his friends to get him to read it. Now he is demanding to know HOW all of you knew so much about him. Obviously, I didn't mention to his class how perceptive people from Seattle are when it comes to judging someone from just a photograph.

Nam: We are still together in the mornings, but we remain broken up in the afternoons. He has been minding himself well in the a.m. Yesterday we woke up to another flood and he was Da Bomb Nam. The morning before that, a very swanky lady was trying to hire him to drive her somewhere and I witnessed it as I was walking up the street. He made a big show for me in procuring another driver for her. He pretended that he didn't know I was watching, so when he "finally" saw me, he made a flippy gesture with his hand that said, "Oh, I sent her away." So I have not completely stripped this character of his personality.

Nam's mom: I visited her on Saturday and held her hand for quite a while. She seems to be paralyzed on her left side, and all she does all day is lie on her bed. Her nurse is by her side, always.

The Play: is in two days. Everyone is excited and exhausted. Tarn, Katherine and I are taking Thuy and Thanh to see it. I hope they enjoy it...

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Brian Bowker said...

Cool sets!! I wish I could see the production!