Thursday, May 28, 2009

Blog Game Thursday: It's Opening Night...Some Wizard of Oz Trivia 4 U

1. Which song was nearly cut from the film?

2. What is Dorothy's last name?
3. What made the horses in the Emerald City Palace Green?

4. What career did the Wicked Witch (Margaret Hamilton) have before becoming an actress?

5. What was used as the Tin Man's "oil"?

6. What city is the Wizard actually from?

7. In the book, Dorothy's shoes are not red. What color are they?

8. Who is Judy Garland's famous daughter?

9. Which character's actor got sick and almost died from the make-up (and had to be replaced)?

10. How much money did Toto make per week? How about the Munchkins?


The Norris Clan said...

1. If I only had a Brain...

2. Gale

3. Can't remember...

4. must be a teacher. She would scare the crap out of me!

5. Ummmm... oil?

6. Omaha

7. Silver... Dorothy in the Wiz wears them too :-)

8. Why, the one and only, Ms. Liza Minnelli!!!

9. The Tin Man...

10. Toto - something like $100/week
Munchins - probably WAY less... like $25/week is my guess.

This was fun! Now I need to go watch the movie!

Angie said...

I just Googled Margaret Hamilton, the WWW, and Karen, you are right! She was a kindergarten teacher, and loved kids. She even appeared on Mr. Rogers.

The first time Marjie and I watched the W of Oz, we sat rapt, all the way through, and then when it was over we both burst into tears. Do you remember that, Marj?

Marjie said...

Why did we cry? Did we cry because it was over or because we were scared or because we were hungry?

Karen, you got many of them right. I just got home and it's midnight, so will post the answers tomorrow.

Others: which of her answers are incorrect?

Mungo said...

"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" was almost cut... they thought it slowed down the pace of the movie too much.

Mungo said...

And, by the way, the actor who originally played the tin man but got sick from the makeup was Buddy Ebsen...

Marjie said...

Karyn and Mungo, knew I could count on you theater people...

Angie, maybe I cried because somehow I knew that I would be spending hours on the story in my future life?

The only two left to go are what the horses were covered with and what the Tin Man was covered with.

As far as what Toto was paid: $125per week. The munchkins: $50 per week.

Marjie said...

Ok, no more guesses I guess.

The horses were covered with green jello crystals and the Tin Man's oil was chocolate sauce.

Mungo said...

I knew that.

Brian Bowker said...

Now I feel really bad for buddy Ebsen - Not only did he get sick but he also missed out on all the chocolate sauce. Is there some kind of charity fund for him or something?

RockItPhotos said...

1. Somewhere over the Rainbow
2. Gale
3. Kool-Aid
4. Teacher
5. Chocolate Sauce
6. Omaha
7. Silver
8. Liza Minnelli
9. Buddy Ebson (The Tinman)
10. Toto - $125 a week
Munchkins - $50 a week