Friday, April 24, 2009

Become a Friend of the “Diarrhoea” Beauty for Some Days

Here is an email sent out by our principal's assistant, Mr. Dung. Mr. Dung is the one who came in to shake it like the King of Pop during 6E's Halloween Competition. Everything he says and does is funny (like when he taught us about 'swearing in Vietnamese' - best staff meeting ever):

Subject: Changing Season - Food - Health

Dear Teachers,

Four days of this week seems to be hard. The weather has been harsh. It is the season changing time. National Broadcasters report that 3 days – hot in a row (HCM up to 37 degree Celsius) then one day rain….until the rainy season officially starts (Hopefully early May). Due to weather, many teachers have been sick. And this email is to show our Appreciation to your cooperation of arranging your time to substitute the absent teachers.

The fluctuation of the temperature easily results in coughing, nose-running, fever, even diarrhoea.
è To fight the harshness,
1. Eat more fruits (not buying by the streets) è Vitamin C
2. Do not drink a lot of cold water (not clear origin) after being under the sun è you can become a friend of the “diarrhoea” beauty for some days. (Do you want?”
3. As moving from the air-conditioned room to a non-aired place. Do not rush. Pause at the doorway for about 1 minute to allow your body to get balance.
I am not a physician, but a Vietnamese who have been surviving in Vietnam for years. I hope this can help you somehow.
Any other advice, Please add to this!


Cecilie said...

It must be REALLY hot in Vietnam at the moment!

Brian Bowker said...

I have so many questions about this post...

Do not drink lots of water after you've been in the sun??

"Diarrhoea" can be your beautiful friend?

Or is he suggesting diarrhea as a beauty aid, similar to bulimia?

Are you eating fruit by the street?

But perhaps most perplexing to me is, how do you get around in Vietnam on hot days if everyone is standing around in all the doorways?

Tim Baker said...

Is this the Thursday question? My guess for #2 is: If the cold water has sat in the sun for long enough it is infected by Diarhoea that will affect you for several days, which you don't want - do you? Do I win a prize?

Amy T. said...

Now, Brian, I'm stuck picturing doorways crowded with people in straw hats. I can't even remember the witty thing I wanted to add...
(still snickering)

Amy T. said...

Oh, yeah, can WE add to that list. I mean, that is a LIST...

Can we come up with some similar savvy advice?

(oosh, I'm remembering the Norway Blog experience... what if he's reading along!)

marjie said...

Add on, AmyT. You should have read the responses from people at work. Pretty funny.

Mungo said...


Anonymous said...

OK-I am chuckling and my cheeks hurt. The letter from your sweet little asst. prince is too perfect-and then we have the Brian Bowker ??????????????'s that add so much more to the party! " aid similiar to BULIMIA!" I love it!!!!