Saturday, August 30, 2008

Which lizard would you choose?

You see all of these little wading pools? Critters are playing in them--they just play and play and play until you choose them out of the pool and eat them for dinner. See the pool in the lower right hand corner? It's filled with clams that are twice the size of my hand.

This is the typical Vietnamese restaurant I'm invited to last night with Alice Audrey Hepburn, her parents and some of their friends- they work at the other international school (last post I said there were two schools, well, there are actually three).

So, yeah, it's a bit different than the Tamarind Tree. Simon, Alice's step-father, orders for all of us: a platter of tamarind prawns, lemongrass clams (twice in one week for me), tamarind crab, grilled eggplant, and tofu. He does not recommend the lizard, but their friend Garreth is set on it. Garreth puts a lizard tail? lizard arm? lizard leg? on my plate and I taste tastes like chicken. But you knew I would say that, right? I have no need to eat any more lizard that tastes like chicken. Look over to the right...which lizard would you choose?

After dinner we go to their house and make music~meaning that Simon plays the guitar and everyone else gets a drum. Alice sings and - #1 Fan, Sbill, I'm telling you, she can sing. Wish you had been there, too.


Brian Bowker said...

I pride myself on being pretty open minded with food - I don't force myself to like everything, but I feel it's important to be willing to try new things. If millions of people have eaten it before, I should certainly be able to eat it too.

Except spiders, and dogs and cats. I've drawn the line with those critters in advance, for personal reasons.

But I've never been offered a lizard... Would I eat one? I don't know. I guess I'll have to cross that bridge if I come to it.

But you, Marjie, are truly brave. Bravo!

The Norris Clan said...

Arg! Beat to it again... damn you Brian. Sorry for the profanity, Marjie and Marjie's mom (Hi Carol).

You got to go to a SING-A-LONG?! I LOVE sing-a-longs.... they are the best. What did she sing? Could I take her? I bet I can. Why don't I fly over there tomorrow and just see, huh? Oh well... it's ok to dream.

Julie said...

Just want you to know that I had tacos for dinner last night. Yes, taco truck tacos...

Good on you for eating lizard! How are the snails?

marjie said...

What kind of person would tell me about the taco truck after I was forced to eat lizard? Not Julie Carey, surely. Must be Rutherford?

kumma said...

Ah, smarj... wish I was there to serenade thee.

Julie said...

Muahahahaha! I say as I wear a black hat and twiddle my moustache.