Saturday, August 16, 2008


The other day my brother and sister-in-law asked me what I would miss most from home. They claim that I answered "tacos" before they added the caveat "besides friends and family." Well, they have yet to experience the Taco Bus on Rainier Ave. S and Court St (and they didn't think about the fact that I interact more with them when I am gone than when I'm here and that tacos can't post witty things on my blog).

I posted about another taco bus last summer, one just south of this one in Columbia City "Taco Bus=Happiness." That bus is great, but JP, who knows both humbao AND tacos (and what else, JP?), was quick to set me straight. And I listen to JP. Ever since December, I have taken at least one person per month to the bus (which you actually climb into to order, instead of ordering through the window) and my efforts have resulted in many conversions. The truth is that there is no better taco, in Seattle or Mexico (or Texas, so I've been told). My search has been thorough. Now, only through this posting, can I continue to spread the word while I am gone.

Here is what I order, every single time, clockwise from the left: 1) Mulita with avocado 2) Sopita 3) Taco. And I always get them with carnitas: roasted pork, rendered crispy fat on the edges. Squeeze a lime on all of it and don't forget the hot sauce.

Go forth, and tell me when you do.


The Norris Clan said...

I am so hungry just reading about those tacos... I am SO going to waste the gas to drive down and try them...

trellis said...

I like your standard order. I'm gonna have to try that next time!