Friday, July 13, 2018

My Other Job

One of my goals in coming to HCMC this time was to fine-tune the Street Food Tour Thanh and I started five years ago. At that time, we drew an old-school map and I hand-wrote descriptions of the food on the back, including pictures. Between Pam and me, we have given this map out to about fifty people who have found the fabric stand and eaten their way through the market with Thanh. It has been a great source of income for her family - she paid for her mother's cataract surgery as well as her father's hospital bills. "I didn't have to borrow," she told me. That's big here.

While Old School is great, we needed to update. So I wanted to make Thanh a website, and was happy to have the mission to take pictures of every single thing we ate. I really should have been a food photographer/writer, as you will see. Thanh researched the food of central Vietnam for our trip to Hoi An and Danang - even though that is not part of the food tour, I was in food picture-taking mode, and had a lot of fun capturing all of it:

Market food (standard tour):

Seafood Feast on the Street of Nguyen Canh Chan (a new offering for Thanh's business):

Hoi An/Da Nang (Central Vietnam):

Thanh's list of things to eat in Central Vietnam:

Food tour anyone?


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