Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chicken Soup Here!

"You go home, I very memory of friend. Don't know when friend come back Viet Nam."

This is an email I got today before taking K to the airport. I had put my email address on the bottom of the notes to my vendor friends not knowing if any of them might actually use email. K and I theorized about who it might be, and then K said, "If you write and ask, they will write back telling you what they sold." She was right.

I wrote back, "Thank you! Who is this?" and I got this message:

"Chicken soup here! I am a friend from a small. Some time you go to eat at my place."

Of course! Chicken soup man and his wife looked especially disappointed when they read my leaving note. They wave to me every morning as I pass and I sit down for a bowl of their delicious soup a few times per month. Look how inviting they are...don't you also just want to sit down on a tiny plastic chair and have a bowl?
I texted K with the answer to the riddle as she waited for her flight to Bangkok.
"Chicken Soup Man wrote you an email? That is AWESOME!" she wrote back.
Yeah, "Chicken soup here!" is pretty awesome!


Dad said...

That's neat! Maybe he is a blog reader, too.

The Norris Clan said...

Ha! That's hilarious! Excellent that he wrote...