Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Morning of Thuy's Wedding

Live coverage from Thuy's wedding, Nguyen Canh Chan neighborhood, morning of Ho Chi Minh's Birthday.
You can't get any more traditional than this...

I'll try to give a play by play of the day. I'm taking the morning off, putting on my ao dai and going with the rest of the neighborhood to witness Dung's family coming to Thuy's house where the official marriage will take place.

I ran over this morning and got to ascend the ladder to T and T's second story room, where Thanh was having make-up done and where I got to help snap Thuy up into her traditional red and gold ao dai. Thuy is giddy with joy and excitement today.

Their house has been cleared of fabric (the neighbors are storing it) and the refrigerator and sewing machine have been pushed to the back and all is covered by a curtain with a beaded picture of a deer and the traditional wedding altar.
Thanh has spent hours cleaning and putting up the traditional decorations: the name of both Thuy and Dung cut out in styrofoam on the wall and lots of paper streamers - like what we might do for a birthday party. Tables have been set up around the house to receive guests for the ceremony.
I have been coming over each night to share in all of the excitement. For two nights, T, T, Dung and T's mother and father and I have sat on the cool floor saying not much at all, drinking ice water to cut into the night's humidity.
That floor has become one of my favorite and most comfortable places in the world. Every time I round the corner and stick my head into that house, I am received like a queen. The only thing I am not excited for today is the heat - it's a hot one here in the city. Stay tuned!


Rita Ireland said...

Oh so happy a day!
Congratulations Thuy!
What a lucky man he is to have you for his wife.

It is wonderful to get an Almost Live broadcast of your special day from Marjie.

I can almost feel the coolness, sitting of the floor of your home.
May that family floor soak in all the many happy memories of the day.

My love to all of you.


Michelle said...

I am so excited for Thuy - what a wonderful day for her. I remember while I was visiting we saw her after a date with then a "mystery man". She had make-up on and she looked beautiful - she is beautiful both inside and outside, no wonder he fell in love with her! I can't wait to hear how the rest of the day unfolds.

Brian Bowker said...

What a neat glimpse into the Vietnamese culture! Thanks for being our reporter, Marjie!

Congratulations to Dung and Thuy!

The Norris Clan said...

Excellent! Love the picture of culture you paint...

Mungosoilips said...

Love the culture!