Friday, April 09, 2010

Explanations and Sweet Students

I haven't given up on blogging, but blogging has kind of given up on me. "Vietnam" has blocked Facebook - we can only use it at school because they have "found a way around it" - and Blogger almost never works through Internet Explorer anymore. Sometimes it works through Firefox, like now, but most of the time, it is unaccessible.

Anyway, that's why I haven't blogged lately. Rita is going to write one now that she is back in Seattle, so she can tell you all about her/our fantastic time... I don't think any of my 18 guests have utilized their time as well as Rita did. She MOVED all over this place during her 8 days. But she can tell you all about that (and about how her camera got stolen during the last two minutes at the wedding to explain why there are NO pictures of the day or of me wearing my ao dai in 100 degree heat).

I am going to just take this opportunity to post pictures of my students. Rita came in one day and taught all five of my classes - of course they loved her. In the picture, she is reading to my class filled with stuffed animals. The best athlete boys started to bring their stuffed animals to school, so then they all started...sometimes I call on their animals to answer (I was born to teach 6th graders, I know).

Anyway, here you go:

My class with glasses

My class of six...that's right, six. We take turns bringing treats for the "whole class."

This class wants to be known as "the studious class."

There is one more class that is undocumented here...they can't think of a theme for their picture (other than tatoos or earrings - mostly boys). After two years of teaching sixth grade, I have not had one discipline problem. A few turn in late work, one doesn't turn in any work.

But all of them, when I returned from my Dengue Fever stint and was exhausted after teaching for one hour, allowed me to lie down in the back of the room and they kept each other quiet while practicing their skits. "SHHH! Ms. Marjorie is sick! Be quiet!" I heard all day. Talk about sweet and spoiled, that would be me. I truly look forward to every day of work.


Brian Bowker said...

Google and China have had a big falling out over censorship which is probably affecting access from Vietnam too. You could go back to emailing in your posts, but they wouldn't include pictures.

Ava brings her stuffed ducky blanket to daycare with her every day, and that seems to work well for her. Maybe I should start bringing a stuffed animal to work with me. That way if I get a really cranky customer I can just ask them to "tell Mr. Ducky about your computer boo boo" while I'm actually fixing the problem.

Terence "Terry" Raptor said...

How did you get a Facebook block? I still access Facebook everyday from here!

BTW, my name is now Terence, not Terry anymore (which credit goes to Ms. Martha "Ann" Michielsen).

The Norris Clan said...

Glad to see your sweet face is still happy in Vietnam! Missed hearing you...