Friday, October 17, 2008

Scriber/Turtle Nostalgia

I've been wanting to post this picture all week, but with no wireless at home obviously my blog has gone pictureless. Anyway: This is Megan Gallagher, one of my students from Scriber Lake High School. She was awarded Student of the Month a few weeks ago, and she is just this really amazing teenager who has the soul of an 80 year-old. She was one of the main players in making our Costa Rica trip happen last spring. My parents sent me this picture last week, right before my trip to the Delta (and if you can't see the writing, she talks about the CR trip being a highlight for her). The place we stayed in the Delta Jungle Paradise-- Megan, Justine, Chris and all other Scriber CR trip readers-- reminded me so much of that place we stayed by the beach with the hammocks and the trails. Waking up to jungle sounds and just brought back many good memories. Then...when I got home Sunday night, I turned on the Discovery Channel to see a documentary about the Leatherback Sea Turtles: they showed Leatherback digging her nest on the beach. It was pretty cool to be watching something like that on TV that I got to see live. I'm going to write about how much I love my 6th graders, but I do miss Scriber students, and you all have been on my mind lately.

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Barb said...

Marjie - I think of you often! I miss you! and...I love reading your stories. I usually sit down at my computer about 11:00 PM - when the rest of the Scriber Staff is sleeping, and enjoy your tales!