Wednesday, September 03, 2008

"Hello Teacha"

Move in yesterday, first day of school today, chaos, chaos, I write one man installs a countertop gas stove, another installs wireless (I guess it's working) and another installs hot water heaters (no hot water this morning). Nothing is working quite right, but each of them says it will all work "tomorrow." That's a word everyone knows well.

The kids are cute (the girls pictured are not my students...they are from my alley and the flags in the background are from National Day-yesterday). AIS students wear a yellow and blue uniform...they come in and say "Hello teacha" and give a little bow. They are smart in knowing things, but need lots of work on pronunciation (they don't get consonants) and writing. Thanks to Amy and Karrie, I just did "Get to Know You Bingo" and a PowerPoint on Seattle, etc. The day was good. Wow it's a long one, though - 8 to 4 and 8 to 5 Thursdays. Sixth graders. Holy cow- the energy.

What I really want to write about is my castle. I love it. But I don't have the energy to write about anything, so tonight I am only going to share pictures from the roof (from five stories up):

and around my neighborhood. Here's an example of the stacked houses:
And here is our local temple:
Did I mention that sixth graders have a lot of energy?


AmyT said...

Just as we never tired of Heads-Up-Seven-Up, they will never tire of bingo. Oh, pronunciation will be fun; to speak American English, scholars throughout the world grip a pencil between their molars on one side, then try to speak in English. Washes that Queen's English right out of them! Marj, can you see your "fans" looking for a pencil to give it a try?

Ann Marie said...

Hi, Marjie-- Teach me how to play get-to-know-you bingo! In my multi-age classroom I have a quorum of 6th graders right now. Our first day is next Monday and I would love to know how to play! You can send me a separate email if you don't want to use precious blog space. Thanks!! (Will it work with small groups? I think I have 11 kids.)

Angie said...

Love the pictures, Marjie.

So, I'm wondering, are you feeling like a princess with your pink curtained bacony and your castle roof?

And yes, I know all about 6th grade energy. In my house it's named Megan. Good luck!

The Norris Clan said...

Yeah! So glad school actually started! I can't wait to hear student stories... they are the best.